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Sweet Home 3D is a free, open-source interior design tool that helps Licence: Open Source; Developer: eTeks; Date Added: Oct 16, The first Beta of Sweet Home 3D is available as a Java Web Start The date/ time spinners added to the Video creation dialog let you make. 6 days ago The search for the best dating site can be confusing, so we've digital dating's finally shed the stigma it once carried, leaving people free to.

A 2D Symbols library available in ticket at SourceForge. Yes, I use the program for the renovation of my apartment. In this case, the 3D view was useful for at least two reasons: For a nearly accurate 2D plan, I need a lot of information but only a few are necessary to be visible at a moment.

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And my wife needs to see the final results colors, model, furniture, etc. In the kindergarten plan, each level has its own "dimension level" at the same elevation, made visible only when required The home plan uses five different layers on two elevations: In this case, I use the 3D walls transparency read also this tip about levels. Can you explain why?

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I have tried to use all the versions to choose the one which suits my needs and for satisfying my curiosity. In the end, I stay with the official installer and, sometimes the portable version when I want to show some work. About this I want to say: How significant is it for you to participate to the free software community? Is there an important community in Romania? I try to use Linux and open source software for everything I have to do with computers.

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I like to make experiments by modifying some programs to see what happens. It's also the case with Sweet Home 3D and the Library editors. While I don't have any degree in computers, it is my way to learn.

I can't do this under a closed source system like Windows.

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I use free software, I like free software, I try to return to community for free what I can. Kitchen with an open door kindly created by Dorin years ago, I collaborated in translation of a distribution Aptosid but now they are dormant or I made my own administrating program and I offered to my clients all services made under Linux.

My clients didn't see the difference between systems. I'm not so social and I'm not in some community. At home, I've also a computer under Linux at a moment, it contained 13 different distributions but I must admit that somewhere in a corner of my hard-drive, I have Windows 10 that I boot once every two month for minutes.

Depending on your system, use the following instructions to download Sweet Home 3D and install it: To install Sweet Home 3D, drag and drop the application in the folder of your choice.

Sweet Home 3D - Draw floor plans and arrange furniture freely

To install Sweet Home 3D, move the uncompressed directory to one of your choice. You may also edit your homes with Sweet Home 3D Online. The features of this version are the same as the ones of the downloadable version except that your homes will be saved on the server of this web site once you registered. The online version doesn't have any menu bar, but all the menu items of the downloadable version are reachable from its contextual menus or the tool bar.

Sweet Home 3D panes 1 The furniture catalog This catalog, organized by categories, contains all the furniture and objects you may add to your home design. You draw the walls of your home with the mouse in this pane and layout your furniture upon it. It may be sorted by clicking on each column title. You may see your home in this pane either from the top, or from a virtual visitor point of view.

Each pane may have the focus i. Don't hesitate to try the various operations proposed by the program. Check the default unit used in the program, the default thickness and height of walls, and other preferences. Editing preferences To create a home, simply use the default home created at Sweet Home 3D launch or click on the New home button in the tool bar. The suggested steps of a home design in Sweet Home 3D are: Import the scanned blueprint of your home as a background image of the home plan, Edit walls thickness, colors and textures, Add doors and windows to your home plan and adjust their size, to obtain a realistic view of your empty home, Add furniture to your home plan, adjust their size and location, eventually using imported 3D modelsDraw rooms and change the color or the texture of their floor and their ceiling, If your home has more than one story, add levels and staircases joining them, and restart the first six steps for each level, Draw dimensions and add texts in your home plan to document it before printing it.

During these steps, you'll probably navigate in 3D view often to change the point of view on your layout.

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By the way, don't forget to regularly save your project by clicking on the Save home button. A Sweet Home 3D file may be exchanged with other users and may contain imported 3D models not present in the default catalog.

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Importing home blueprint This first step is not mandatory but it speeds up the drawing of the walls of an existing home. So try to find the blueprint of your home and scan it if you didn't do it yet, ensuring the image is correctly rotated.

Don't import a large file in Sweet Home 3D, this image is supposed to be a helper, not some art! Importing background image wizard 1 Click on Choose image and choose your image in the file dialog box. The scanned image used in this tutorial is available at http: Then type the real length of this line in the Length of the drawn line field, and click on Continue.

Then click on Finish. Once the wizard is closed, your image will appear behind the home plan grid at the chosen scale, as shown in figure 5. Background image in the home plan pane Drawing walls To draw walls, click first on the Create walls button in the tool bar.

Click in the home plan at the start point of the new wall, then click or double-click in the plan at its end point. As long as you don't double-click or press the Escape key, each new click indicates the opposite point of the current wall and the start point of the next wall. To help you draw walls precisely, use walls tooltip, alignment lines and change the plan scale with Zoom buttons.

You may also enter the length and the angle of the wall being created after pressing the enter key. Don't take doors and windows into account while drawing walls, because Sweet Home 3D will automatically compute the holes in the walls where you will place openings. As shown in figure 6, walls are simultaneously drawn in the plan and in the 3D view, and you can adjust the point of view in the 3D view at any time, by moving the mouse with its left button pressed. Editing walls Click on Select button in the tool bar, to end the drawing of walls and use tools disabled during the drawing of walls.

When Select mode is chosen, you can select one object in your home plan by clicking on it. You can also select one or more objects by drawing a selection rectangle around them, or clicking on each of them while pressing Shift key.

To move selected walls and other objects in the home plan, simply drag and drop them, or use keyboard arrow keys. If you want to use an image of your own as a texture, click on the Import button and use the texture import wizard that will guide you.

Editing wall attributes Adding doors, windows and furniture To add furniture to your home, drag and drop furniture from catalog to the home plan or furniture list, as shown on figure 8, or select a piece in the catalog and click on the Add furniture button in the tool bar.

The pieces added to the home are selected and drawn simultaneously in the furniture list, in the home plan and in the 3D view. Adding doors, windows and furniture to the home plan First add doors and windows to your home plan to get a realistic view of your empty home. When magnestism is active, a door or a window dropped upon a wall is automatically oriented and resized depending on the orientation and the thickness of that wall.