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indian dating sites shaadi ke

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Sunny, who takes credit for a painting of Rani by Sameer, kidnaps her dog Tommy and frames Sameer.

indian dating sites shaadi ke

Sameer buys an identical dog, and tells Singh that he has found Tommy. He is unmasked when the dog bites Singh and runs away. Although Sameer is angry, he reconciles with Rani with the help of a magician at a New Year's Eve party. Sunny places a bar dancer in Sameer's room one morning; Rani, who went there to invite him for breakfast, sees the dancer sleeping there and assumes that they had sex.

Sameer makes another attempt to apologise.

indian dating sites shaadi ke

When he goes to Rani's house, he is surprised to see Suraj; Suraj is Rani's uncle, who now knows that he loves her. Sameer apologises, and takes Suraj off night duty.

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Sameer's partially-blind grandmother mistakes Rani's mother for Rani and tries to persuade her to marry Sameer. Rani's mother tells her daughter to carefully consider whom she loves more: Sameer decides to leave Goa, and Sunny taunts him that he got close to Rani through Sameer's mistakes. Sameer says that he has had enough dreaming, and wishes Sunny happiness. Sunny taunts Sameer again, and Sameer loses his temper.

indian dating sites shaadi ke

He chases Sunny through the crowd at a cricket stadium where India and Pakistan are playing a friendly match. Sameer breaks through security, takes the microphone from guest of honour Kapil Dev and apologises to Rani and her parents. He asks her to marry him in front of the crowd, and Rani runs onto the field and embraces him, thus reuniting with him.

Sunny reveals that he is Arun, Sameer's childhood friend who came to Goa to cure Sameer's anger-management issues. He also reveals that he went to visit Sameer after returning from America after 19 years and met Sameer's grandmother, who told him about Sameer's heartbreak and departure for Goa.

Arun decided to help Sameer by posing as his enemy, telling Rani and her parents earlier. Ranveer reveals to him that when he gets frustrated, he makes a business trip excuse and stays in a hotel room to enjoy his life as a bachelor.

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Sid takes on his idea and starts staying in a hotel, with the excuse of working overnight in studio. But soon he has to cut down his idea, due to an added expense at home as Trisha decides to hire an expensive governess Ila Arun.

indian dating sites shaadi ke

Sid, then, without telling Trisha, goes for a cheaper solution by shifting to a shared PG along with Manav Vir Dasa dope-head bachelor. Sid takes Manav's advice and starts living a carefree life. Then enters Shekhar Purab Kohlia young neighbour, who saves the baby when she gets locked in and thus frequently comes to meet Trisha, which makes Sid jealous.

Sid realises the value of his family when Manav is hospitalised and none of his family or friends are around to take care of him. - Free Online Indian Dating and Matrimony Site

Filled with guilt, Sid confesses the PG secret to Trisha, who in anger throws him out. Sid seeks Ranveer for advice, only to discover that Ranveer is having an affair.

indian dating sites shaadi ke

Ranveer confronts Sid by telling him that he has also cheated Trisha by devoting time apart from his family. Sid rushes out of the house along with the baby and later he realises that he should forgive Trisha for their child and also because all these happened because of him and thus forgives Trisha.

To which Trisha surprises him by telling that she is not pregnant with Shekhar's child but with their child.