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HelloTalk: 10 bizarre tricks no one told you about

hello talk dating site

Winner of Google Play's Best of for Social Apps in select markets! HelloTalk , the 1st global language learning and culture exchange community, connects. HelloTalk - The 1st Language Exchange Social Networking App in the world. Founded Date. Founders. Zackery Ngai. Operating Status IPO Status. Private. Company Type. For Profit. Website. stirim.info Facebook. View on. I've made all my Hellotalk friends through there because they posted language (French) than I have on any other exchange websites/apps. It is a bit sad that people use these apps for dating, not for language learning.

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So does HelloTalk shape up compared to these other options for finding a language exchange partner? Interface So with this app, I was able to search for language exchange partners strictly by language and also by language and geographical distance from my current location.

This gave two options: I did however start around a hundred conversations in Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian with native speakers, as well as, as several other users of the app writing to me in English. Example of the corrections feature on HelloTalk Of those approximately conversations, I had perhaps a dozen that were in some way reasonably interactive and perhaps 3 or 4 were interesting and continued over several days.

Functionality Now onto the functionality of the interface.

HelloTalk Review

The app has some really cool features that I really found useful. These includes a two-way dictionary, voice messages, call feature and highlighted corrections when made by you or your language partner. In short, the app has the same integrated features as Whatsapp and Facebook chat but includes many useful language learner add-ons. I have read online that earlier versions of the app had many bugs and the app would crash frequently.

Strengths One of the safety features on HelloTalk — no enlarged images 1. Live chat with native speakers — with HelloTalk you speak the language with native speakers and this is obviously particularly good if this is difficult to find in your area.

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Several female users commented to me that this is an annoyance when looking for language partners in English and that many male users are using the app for other purposes here read: The app features a popup message reminding users that HelloTalk is strictly not a dating app. It communicates to other users that you are serious about the language exchange, and are unlikely to disappear after the first two messages.

Apart from creating a good first impression and briefly mentioning your interests, there are a few more things you can add to strengthen your introduction even more… 3 exciting options Add more languages With a free HelloTalk account you can list yourself as a learner of only one language, and a speaker of only one language.

hello talk dating site

What if you know more? Add them in the introduction! People do read through the intro, and your ability to help with an extra language on top of your native one can be the decisive factor for someone contacting you.

hello talk dating site

The languages you set as your main ones should be those you are focusing on at the moment. Sift through the partners If you want to learn, you have to be selective. HelloTalk is an app to help you meet up with others for practise, not for finding professional tutors. Choosing the right person to chat to is part of the game, so invest time in finding the best partner.

Check if people have written introductions, as this is a potential indicator of commitment. Look through the text for common interests and for other languages you may be able to practice with them. Look at their activities on the app—do they have many learning points?

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Having these points can be another good indicator of commitment to the service, although not a foolproof one. Many users start a lot of conversations, but drop the contact after exchanging only a few messages, so an unusually high number of experience points can also be suspicious. Make sure you first set all the basic search settings—you can access the options by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

Wherever you go, there is bound to be someone relatively close by who wants to learn your first language or to practise English. Asking them about the best places to eat, have a drink, or for weekend entertainment suggestions are always good conversation starters. You can also be a bit sneaky, and make HelloTalk friends in towns you plan to visit in the future. If you play it well, who knows, they might host you in their house ;- Either way, you have a good chance of turning an online acquaintance into a real-life meeting.

If you feel shy or insecure about meeting someone, remember there is never any obligation: They will surely understand that you prefer to keep your friendship online. Why not try to create a HelloTalk persona? You can become a character from your favourite French novel or Japanese manga, or even Create a funny introduction describing your character.

Choose a character whose personality and place of origin would allow you to practice the topics and phrases you want to focus on. To increase your chance of a reply, try standing out from the crowd by using more original opening lines, for instance: If you could only eat one fruit, which one would you choose? Why not spark off your imagination and give it a try? Revisit your mistakes I know Did you know that HelloTalk automatically saves the corrections you receive to your favourites?

Use the saved corrections as review material.