No dating for the batman series

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no dating for the batman series

Batman, No. 1 Batman TV series, “The Bat's Kow Tow” Catwoman nearly Catwoman proposes that she and Batman go on a date. “Well?. Batman: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based no such thing existed, Timm has stated that he found it to fit the show's style) and a .. ever made, as well as the most faithful Batman animated series to date. Zatanna previously appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series episode " Zatanna", wherein . No dating for the Batman it might cut into your brooding time.

The characters Yin and Police Chief Rojas make their final appearances by the end of the season. Season 3[ edit ] In the third season, the show introduces a young incarnation of Barbara Gordon voiced by Danielle Judovitswho is the commissioner's daughter.

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Her character features a two-part story in which she secretly becomes Batgirl. The intro sequence to the show and the theme music changed with the introduction of Batgirl, swapping the original theme performed by The Edge for a lighter, '60s theme performed by Andy Sturmer.

Throughout Season 3, Barbara tries to become Batman's sidekick and be as good of an ally as her father.

no dating for the batman series

But Batman frequently refuses to accept her despite her reliability as an ally. She eventually proves herself to him by the end of the season.

no dating for the batman series

This Batman-Batgirl storyline differs from the comic books. In previous incarnations of the story, Batman's first partner is Dick Graysonwho becomes Robin and joins Batman as his apprentice, later leaving to become Nightwing. The decision for Batgirl to be Batman's first sidekick in The Batman was due to Robin being used in the Teen Titans animated series, which aired on the same channel.

Another element that changed during Season 3 was Batman's original Batmobile, which was lost during the episode " RPM ", but it was reimagined and brought back in later episodes.

Hugo Strange eventually becomes a villain in this season, after being found to have orchestrated events in " A Fistful of Felt " and " Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind.

Season 4[ edit ] Robin, Batman, and Batgirl as they appeared in the Season 4 intro. The fourth season introduces Dick Grayson voiced by Evan Sabara to the show due to the cancellation of the Teen Titans animated series in The opening episode of the season focuses on Dick Grayson's origins as Robin.

Through the loss of Grayson's parents in a circus accident, he is adopted by Bruce Wayne who assists Grayson in bringing down the mafia boss responsible for his parents' deaths.

The second episode in the season leads to Batgirl officially becoming part of the team, with each member's secret identity being revealed to each other. This reveal eventually leads to Batgirl and Robin forming a sibling-like rivalry. One of the highlights of Season 4 is the episode " Artifacts ", which described a possible future in the year Featuring flashback scenes tothe audience gets a glimpse of an older Batman, Dick Grayson operating as Nightwing voiced by Jerry O'Connelland Barbara Gordon, now bound to a wheelchair and having become the Oracle voiced by Kellie Martin.

In the season finale, an alien invasion by entities called " The Joining " cause Batman to work alongside another superhero from the DC Universe and an original member of the Justice LeagueMartian Manhunterto thwart the aliens' plans.

This is when Batman becomes part of the Justice League of America. The season also brought an end to Ethan Bennett's version of Clayface, including a storyline that redeemed Bennett by curing him of his condition. The next crossover, masterminded by Brubaker and Rucka and titled " Bruce Wayne: For the issue, the series moved into the next phase of Wayne's frame-up [63] and featured three backup stories, which were presented as lost issues never before published from iconic eras in Batman's history.

Introducing a new character that was the story's namesake, as well as redefining the Riddlerhealing Harvey Dentand calling into question the events surrounding Jason Todd 's death, Following the conclusion of Hush, the creative team of the Vertigo series Bullets came aboard for a six-issue arc titled " Broken City ".

This culminated in the storyline Batman R. It served as a quasi-send off to a generation of Batman stories, much the same way as Alan Moore 's Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

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The title reached a milestone with the publication of Batman Augustwhich saw the return of Grant Morrison to the title and a collaboration with an art team that consisted of Daniel, Frank QuitelyAndy Kubertand David Finch.

The separate stories tied together to illustrate that the legacy of Batman is unending, and will survive into the furthest reaches of time.

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Bruce Wayne starred in two new titles, Batman Incorporated and Batman: Batman was no exception, and the first issue of the new series was released on September 21, The New 52[ edit ] Cover of Batman vol.

Superheroes at large have appeared only in the past five years, and are viewed with, at best, suspicion, and, at worst, outright hostility.

no dating for the batman series

All of the characters that have served as Robinexcept Stephanie Brownhave been accounted for as still having served at Batman's side in the new continuity. The stories build on recent developments, with most of the character's previous history remaining intact, and Bruce Wayne is again the only Batman, with Dick Grayson having returned to his role as Nightwing. A Death in the Family ".

The " Endgame " storyline ran from October to Apriland concluded with the apparent deaths of both Batman and the Joker. James Gordonhaving taken on the Batman mantle, became the main character of the series in June In the "Superheavy" storyline, James Gordon encounters a new super villain, Mr. Bloom, who is distributing various seed-like devices that grant its user extraordinary superpowers at the cost of their lives to select few individuals.

no dating for the batman series

Gordon is able to subdue Bloom but multiple Mr. Bloom doppelgangers arrive and begin their attack on Gotham City. During an encounter with Duke Thomas, Bruce begins to regain his memories and realizes that he is Batman. He returns to Wayne Manor and forces Alfred to bring Batman back. Using a machine that Batman planned to use to implant his memories into clones to continue his lineage, Bruce tries to regain his memories but fails repeatedly whenever he reaches the point of near-brain death.

He decides to invoke brain death so that his old memories can be returned to him.

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He is then revived with his original memories. Bruce dons a new Batsuit and heads out to face Bloom.

no dating for the batman series

Batman arrives and dispatches the Bloom doppelgangers and cuffs Gordon to a helicopter, not wanting him to risk further injury. Duke Thomas discovers that Daryl Gutierrez is the original Mr.

Bloom, having created the seeds to give Gotham's citizens the power to protect themselves until one of his 'victims' took his seeds and identity, becoming Mr. Bloom and defeat him. Bruce approaches Duke Thomas with an offer and soon returns to watching over Gotham once more. Rebirth one-shot and began shipping twice-monthly, starting with Batman vol.

Annuals[ edit ] The Batman series has had annuals published beginning in