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Khatha Registration and Khatha Transfer in Bangalore

SBI Home Loans includes options for purchase of ready built property, purchase of under construction property, purchase of pre-owned homes, construction of a. Mar 17, Note the following points, 1) Throught the process you should have at least one more person whom you trust and who is your well wisher, with you who knows. May 4, Khatha Registration & Khatha Transfer in Bangalore Checklist of Important Property Documents in India | Legal Checklist for Property Purchase .. I am planning to buy a resale flat which has not been occupied yet and is registered. He is keep on pushing the dates, so we are not sure what to do:.

Khatha Registration & Khatha Transfer in Bangalore

All other documents prior to the ITD are called chain documents. If any of these chain documents are missing, the home loan applicants must follow necessary steps, like filing an FIR or issuing a public notice in a newspaper. The Title Deed signify the sale and transfer of ownership of property from seller to the buyer.

This document is registered in the Registrar's office. Agreement to Sell ATS 'Agreement to Sell' is a document which has the terms and conditions of sale of property between the buyer and the seller.

GDPR Implementation

ATS declares the agreement value of the property. The amount funded as home loan for a resale property is a certain percentage that varies from bank to bank of the market value MV or agreement value AV of the property, whichever is lower.

Any sale or transfer of property without NOC may lead to problems in future. Title Search and Report Property title search is the process of retrieving the chain of documents that document the history of the property. This is done at the Registrar's office. Title report is the written analysis of the property in terms of its description, names of titleholders, joint tenancy, tax rate, encumbrances, liens, mortgages, and property tax. Many home loan lenders do not consider the 'title report' as an essential document, but they may require it in deals related to land.

Share Certificate If the ready to move-in property you are purchasing is part of a society, you will have to get the property shifted to you, by asking the society to issue the share certificate and creating a record of transfer of ownership in their books.

But owner told that Court Lawyer has his documents, So we had to wait for some days. We have paid some amount to the owner for second building and thought remaining balance will be given through loan. Now owner told us that he would return total amount for the second building that we given.

He siva demands some money for processing, we had to give it and did.

Resale of under-construction needs extra caution

Finally got B-Katha after we payed the balance taxes which owner has to pay. After some days one more BBMP person Raju called Shouting like anything us to clear the old balance for building we bought. We told Raju that we have paid latest taxes and got B-Katha. Only he is paying taxes for Land only. Now you bought the building so you have to pay balance amount.

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We understood that owner playing game with us saying that we have paid less tax and insisting us to clear that balance taxes. But anyway we will question him soon about this old balance. Bank confirmed that this property belongs to same owner as Showing in EC. But no court case is showing in EC. Now I have some queries on this, Please give your valuable points on this.