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were dr grant and ellie dating games

Some have questioned whether Dr Grant and Dr Sattler were a couple in the first place. Were you as surprised as me to see Ellie marry someone else? they didn't want Ellie being just seen as Alan's girlfriend and wanted. Free dating sites with the most members Dating games for girls Phone dating If she s open to it were dr grant and ellie dating this can be a great foray into. Ellie Sattler was a student specializing in paleobotany. Ellie accompanies Alan Grant to John Hammond's Jurassic Park theme park, and like.

Reimana physicist from Berkeley. Ellie was asked to come to the park by John Hammond, who hoped that she would endorse it.

Sattler agreed, and was, like Grant, originally thrilled with the prospect of Jurassic Park and the large sum of money she was being paid to inspect it. However, she saw the dangers of mixing dinosaurs with humans. She first began to have her doubts about the park when she noticed that the Jurassic Park staff had paid no attention to the plant life around them. They had placed poisonous plants around the pools and other public places, and were unaware that the Stegosaurus were swallowing toxic berries.

During the tour, Sattler helped solve this problem of what was ailing the park's Stegosaurus. She helped Harding take care of Ian Malcolm's injuries after he was rescued. During the final power outage, Sattler used herself as bait and distracted a number of Velociraptors trying to get into the Safari Lodge. After Tim Murphy restored power, she accompanied Grant and Gennaro to the raptor nest to document the number of animals that survived.

She escaped the island alive. James reported she married a physicist from Berkeley. They had two young children, a son and a daughter. One of her lectures was about fossil pollen Palynology at the Campanian - Maastrichtian boundary.

She had a Ph. She was described in the script as: Ellie in her late twenties, athletic-looking. There's an impatience about Ellie, as if nothing in life happens quite fast enough for her.

Alan and Ellie first met Hammond in their trailer opening a bottle of champagne. Ellie called Hammond inconsiderate but apologized after hearing what Hammond has to offer them. In return, Hammond promised to fund their digsite for the next three years.

Once on the island, Ellie, like a true Paleobotanist, immediately noticed that Vermiform plants, which are extinct, were growing next to the road. Though initially overwhelmed with wonder at the park, Ellie soon had misgivings about the whole thing particularly in regards to the deadliness of the plants and animals in the park, voicing her opinion that they were picked because they were pretty but were also dangerous creatures that would defend themselves aggressively if they felt threatened.

At the start of the Park Drive she tried to get Alan and Lex to ride in the same carso that he could get used to children.

Ellie rebooting the system Because she stayed in the Triceratops Enclosure, she was not attacked by the Tyrannosaurus like the rest of the group. The only survivor in the area turned out to be Ian Malcolmwho was badly wounded. While Muldoon loaded Malcolm into the back of the Jeep, Ellie continued to search the area for any sign of Grant or the children. She spotted the other car, tossed over the edge of the barrier to the T.

When they inspected the wreckage, she found footprints leading off into the park. This piece of evidence gave Ellie hope that Grant and the kids were still alive. When Ellie and Muldoon returned to the Jeep, the Tyrannosaur burst from the trees after them. The Tyrannosaur then chased behind their car until they could outdistance it. Ellie, deranged with fear and minus her pink shirt, screams for Alan to "Run!

Though Hammond thought that he ought to be going in Ellie's place, she was not amused and insisted on going herself, stating that they could discuss sexism in survival situations on her return. Ian Malcolm in the first Jurassic Park film. Fallen Kingdom Portrayed by: Ian Malcolm is a mathematician at the University of Texas at Austin who specializes in chaos theory.

His character is based on both Ivar Ekeland and James Gleick. The character of Ian Malcolm functions as the "ironic commentator inside the story who talks about the action as it takes place. During his time on the island, Malcolm is seriously injured during the initial Tyrannosaur attack. He survives and is brought back to the visitor's center, and spends the remainder of the novel bedridden, usually under the influence of high doses of morphinecontinuing to comment on the park's inherent flaws and impending collapse.

Although he is declared dead at the end of the novel, in the sequel, he explains that the declaration was premature. Thanks to timely intervention by surgeons from Costa Rica, he survives the ordeal, but ends up with a permanent leg injury, requiring a cane to walk.

In the film adaptation, Malcolm does not use a cane but is traumatized by his ordeals. In the first film, it is referred that he is the father of three children, and one of them, Kelly, has appeared in the sequel. Ian Malcolm is the main protagonist of The Lost World. This time, he is asked by wealthy adventurer Richard Levine to join an expedition to Isla Sorna, Jurassic Park's secondary site. Malcolm declines initially, but decides to go when word comes back that Levine has gone alone and is trapped on the island.

He takes charge of Levine's remaining expedition and mounts a rescue. By the time frame of The Lost World, Malcolm has become more proactive and vigorous and has enhanced his knowledge about dinosaurs. He is again injured in a dinosaur attack but survives. In the film adaptation, Malcolm's reputation is ruined after InGen's denial of the Jurassic Park incident to the media, and the public sees him insane for asserting that there are living dinosaurs.

Despite his animosity towards the company, John Hammond hires Malcolm and others to visit the island in order to document the dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Malcolm agrees, but only to rescue his girlfriend, Dr.

Sarah Harding, who had already set out for the island. Once there, the team must contend with a rival expedition intent on harvesting dinosaurs for a Jurassic Park-like attraction at San Diego. His experience with the other Tyrannosaur at Isla Nublar helped his survival against its species.

After a male Tyrannosaur rampages throughout the city, this proves Malcolm's claims, and he and Sarah work to stop the dinosaur. After helping to subdue the male Tyrannosaur, Malcolm's reputation is restored, and he as well as other Jurassic Park survivors like Alan Grant became renowned for surviving its incident.

Grant when he talks with Eric Kirby about a book Malcolm wrote. In Jurassic WorldMalcolm's name and image briefly appears on the cover of his book God Creates Dinosaurs, which is a reference to a line in the first film that has become iconic with his character. During the initial tour of Jurassic Park, Malcolm states, "God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.

In the film, now an aged man, Malcolm remains averse over the issues of genetic-engineered dinosaurs' existences, and urges the U. Senate to allow the last surviving dinosaurs to die in an impending volcanic eruption on Isla Nublar. He was successful in persuading them by highlighting the threats the dinosaurs pose.

However, at the end of the film because of Eli Mills ' actions resulting in the global dispersing of the dinosaurs, Malcolm reluctantly states that humans must now coexist with them, declaring that the world has entered a neo-Jurassic age as he quotes "Welcome to Jurassic World.

Fallen Kingdom painting Portrayed by: According to the novel and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, his full name is John Alfred Hammond,[jp 3] but in the video game Trespasser and in a deleted scene from the second film, he is referred to as John Parker Hammond. When explaining to Dr. Wu why he chose to spend his money on an amusement park rather than helping mankind, Hammond said, "That's a terrible idea.

A very poor use of new technology Personally, I would never help mankind. He concludes that the people he selected as the park's senior staff have character flaws that prevent his vision for the park from being realized.

During the events of the novel, he remains in the relative safety of the visitor's center and his private bungalow, continuing to believe that he is in control, even as the surrounding situation grows exceedingly dire. When his grandchildren get lost in the park, he maintains his belief that order will soon be restored, and that the children are in no real danger. Near the end of the novel, when the staff regains control of the park, he goes outside for a walk.

He rationalizes the disaster in the cold manner of a corporate systems' analyst, deciding that everything that has happened was merely a fluke, reflecting that everyone he hired had some personal flaw that prevented them from realizing what he was trying to achieve, and that next time he will do better.

However, while he is out he is startled by the sound of a Tyrannosaurus roar, falls down a hill, and breaks his ankle. He is unable to climb up the hill and is subsequently killed by a pack of Procompsognathus. Film history Unlike his cold, greedy, irresponsible, uncaring novel counterpart, the film's Hammond is depicted as a kind, jovial, charismatic Scottish capitalist who takes responsibility for his actions, demonstrating real concern for his grandchildren and his employees, as well as visitors when they are in danger.

Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern - Jurassic Park & Jurassic Park III)

He is, in fact, the opposite of the novel version in almost every way, having only eccentricity in common with him. Hammond is a sympathetic and loving grandfather and leader who means well and tries to keep everyone safe. He appears less interested in profit than his novel counterpart despite valuing money: The film's Donald Gennaro instead possesses majority of the novel Hammond's negative and greedy aspects. Hammond has a deeper, more emotional understanding of creating attractions for children and families, and wants to make this attraction a scientific reality, noting at one point that his first attraction was a motorized flea circus.

For the park he wanted to show visitors something real, rather than an illusion. However, he is misguided in his steadfast belief that his creations are under control, as he underestimates the power of genetics and nature. He also has little regard for pure scientific research, being more interested in the applications of genetic engineering.

When the security system breaks down, he and his staff work to restore power and rescue the experts and his grandchildren, while themselves remaining in a secure control room. Eventually, however, he and the other survivors ruefully leave the island, with a depressed Hammond agreeing with Dr.

Grant that the park has failed and must never be endorsed. In the second film, he is older and appears to be in failing health. He devotes what resources he has left to keeping the island's dinosaurs isolated from the rest of the world, as Ludlow plans to capture and take as many dinosaurs as possible from the island and rebuild Jurassic Park on the mainland.

In an attempt to stop him, Hammond sends a small party, including a reluctant Ian Malcolm, to gather a complete photo record of the animals, alive and in their natural habitats, so he can garner enough public opinion to preserve the island and its dinosaurs from the world.

Ultimately, the expedition is halted and Hammond is able to publicly advocate his idea to leave the dinosaurs in peace on the island, thinking of what Malcolm previously told him: Between July and MarchAttenborough said he would reprise his role for the fourth film,[14][15][16] although his character was eventually removed.

In the fourth film, Jurassic World, Hammond has been deceased for some time. A memorial statue of him is present in the new theme park known as Jurassic World. Ina viral marketing website for the fictional Masrani Global Corporation was launched to promote Jurassic World.

Fallen Kingdom, Hammond was revealed to have been partners with Benjamin Lockwood in resurrecting dinosaurs, until Lockwood's plans to have a human cloned with the same technology led to them having a falling out.

A painting of Hammond appears in the film. Lex Murphy Portrayed by: In the novel, she is described as a seven- or eight-year-old girl, relatively outgoing, blonde and "a sporty young girl who loves baseball. Lex is shown to have the traits of a stereotypical child that whines and complains.

Her selfish and childish behavior often annoys the people around her and puts her and the group in danger. Throughout the novel, she shows characteristics of Hammond, such as being unkind, careless, and unappreciative of the events occurring around her.

In the film, Lex has advanced computer skills, being a "computer geek", according to Tim, that help the survivors escape a pack of Velociraptors. While initially frightened by many of the dinosaurs, Lex eventually gains maturity and courage and is instrumental in rebooting the park's systems. Much like the character of Dr. Ellie Sattler, Lex's character is strengthened to add strong female roles to the film. She briefly listens to Malcolm as he argues with Ludlow regarding what happened on Isla Nublar.

Tim Murphy Portrayed by: In the novel, he is described as a bespectacled boy of about eleven who has an interest in dinosaurs and computers. Later, Tim's ingenuity and technical knowledge allow him to navigate the park's computer systems and to reactivate the physical security systems before the Velociraptors gain access to the visitor's lodge.

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His expertise regarding dinosaurs rivals Dr. Grant's, and is superior to that of Dr. Henry Wu, the scientist who created the dinosaurs. Already familiar with his work before they meet, Tim almost immediately strikes up a friendship with Dr. According to Grant, "it's hard not to like someone so interested in dinosaurs. In Spielberg's film, Tim and Lex's ages are swapped so that Lex is the older sibling and some aspects of his personality and story responsibilities are given to Lex.

For example, he is still the child interested in dinosaurs, however all of his computer knowledge is given to Lex. This was done so that Spielberg could work specifically with actor Joseph Mazzello, who was younger than Ariana Richards and to make Lex into a stronger character. Marty Gutierrez Appears in: Marty Gutierrez is an American biologist who lives in Costa Rica. He plays an expository role in both novels.

In the first novel, he identifies an unknown lizard that attacks a little girl as Basiliscus amoratus. He is initially unhappy with this identification because the lizard was more venomous than expected and had three toes.

He searches the beach where she was attacked and finds the corpse of a similar lizard in the mouth of a howler monkeywhich he promptly sends to the laboratory for tropical diseases at Columbia University in New York for further study.

In the second novel, he finds and shows Richard Levine a dried up corpse of an unknown creature, oddly similar to the ones found prior to the Jurassic Park incident.

He informs Levine that no one knows where these creatures are coming from. Gutierrez is the only character to appear in both novels but none of the films. Lewis Dodgson Portrayed by: Lewis Dodgson[20] is the antagonist of the Jurassic Park novels. In the Jurassic Park universe, Dodgson is an ambitious scientist who is unafraid to make aggressive moves, generally considered to be unethical, to get what he wants, saying that he "won't be held back by regulations made for lesser souls.

Dodgson is described in the novels as more of a salesman than a scientist, and someone who specializes in both reverse engineering and the stealing the work of others.

He hopes to get his hands on Hammond's technology in order to create dinosaurs of his own. He and his company seek to clone dinosaurs not as an attraction, but as potential test subjects for laboratory applications.

He is portrayed as cold, ruthless, and impatient. In the first novel, Dodgson hires Dennis Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos for Biosyn, but the plot fails when Nedry is killed by a Dilophosaurus on his way to deliver the embryos. In the sequel novel, Dodgson is much more ambitious and takes a team to Isla Sorna in an attempt to collect fertilized dinosaur eggs. He is more antagonistic and more evil in this novel, as he attempts to murder Sarah Harding.

Ignorant of the dangers of these animals, Dodgson and his team are quickly killed, with Dodgson being killed by the infant Tyrannosaurus after being captured by the adults. For the second film, his character's profit-driven actions and naivete regarding the dinosaurs are transferred to Peter Ludlow. Jackson John Arnold is Jurassic Park's chief engineerrunning the main control center from the visitor's center. He is described as a thin, chain-smoking man, and a chronic worrier. A gifted systems engineer, Arnold had designed weapons for the U.

He was a grudgingly optimistic man, who maintained total faith in the computer systems and continued to believe that despite the setbacks, things would work out in the end. When Dennis Nedry locks them out of the system, Arnold, after much persuasion by Donald Gennaro, shuts off all power to the park and resets the computer-control systems. After turning the power back on, he believes the problem has been solved, when it has actually been made worse.

By shutting down the main power grid, he turned off several systems that were unaffected by Nedry's lockout, including the Velociraptor paddock. Arnold realizes his mistake many hours later and volunteers to go outside to restore power to the main generator. Before he can do this, he is killed by an escaped Velociraptor. Arnold's death is not shown on camera, but is confirmed when his severed arm falls onto Ellie Sattler's shoulder in the power shed.

Martin Ferrero Donald Gennaro is the attorney sent on behalf of Jurassic Park's investors to investigate the safety of the park after several reports of missing or dead workers. In the novel he is described as a short, muscular man and represents an "every-man" personality among the characters.

When problems begin to occur, he consistently handles them appropriately, accompanying Robert Muldoon on a mission to subdue the Tyrannosaurus and successfully restoring power, despite being ambushed by a Velociraptor. Grant claims that his negative attitude comes from trying to avoid responsibility for his role in creating the park.

Near the end of the novel, Gennaro realizes that he is partially responsible for everything occurring when Grant says, "You sold investors on an undertaking you didn't fully understand You did not check on the activities of a man whom you knew from experience to be a liar, and you permitted that man to screw around with the most dangerous technology in human history.

The result is the creation of a character whose loyalty to his employers and seriousness toward the job they gave him is easily overtaken by his own personal greed, similar to Hammond in the novel, and whose cowardice causes him to abandon Lex and Tim after the T.

When the other scientists criticize Hammond's park for various reasons, Gennaro is the only one left who supports the concept, seeing great profit opportunity in the live dinosaurs.

Ellie Sattler

When the electric fence around the Tyrannosaurus paddock fails, Gennaro is overcome by fear and abandons Tim and Lex. Hiding in a toilet stall, he is subsequently found and eaten by the Tyrannosaurus moments after it breaks out of its pen. In a deleted scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park novel and filmJurassic Park: The Game Portrayed by: Harding is Jurassic Park's chief veterinarian.

In the novel, he had been the chief of veterinary medicine for the San Diego Zooand was the world's leading expert on avian care. He accepted the job at Jurassic Park because he wanted to become famous for being the first person to write a textbook on the care of dinosaurs. When the group first encounters him, he is looking after a sick Stegosaurus. With the help of Ellie Sattler, he finds the source of the animal's sickness and is able to treat it.

Being the only doctor on the island, he is the one who treats Malcolm after he is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus. He is attacked by a Velociraptor during the assault on the visitor's center, but ultimately survives his time on the island. It is implied in the second novel that Sarah Harding is his daughter; she mentions that her father was a veterinarian and bird specialist at the San Diego Zoo.

He makes a brief appearance in the first film with a sick Triceratops. He also appears as one of the main characters in Jurassic Park: The Gamea film-inspired video game in which he has a daughter named Jess. While his first name is never mentioned in the novel or the film, he is referred to in Jurassic Park: The Game as Dr. In the game, Sarah Harding is mentioned as his daughter. Described in the novel as a burly man of about fifty years of age, with deep blue eyes, and a steel gray mustache, he is a former wildlife hunter who worked with Hammond at one of his previous parks in Kenya.

He has experience working with dangerous predators and thus unlike most other characters, his attitude toward the dinosaurs is realistic and unromantic. He believes that the Velociraptors should be destroyed, describing them as smart and potentially dangerous.

Were ELLIE and ALAN GRANT a couple

He reminds Hammond of this when it dawns on them that they have no way of stopping the escaped T. Muldoon spends most of the novel riding around the park, drinking whiskey and attempting to restore order. He is later attacked by a pack of Velociraptors, but survives by wedging himself into a pipe.

were dr grant and ellie dating games

He manages to kill a few of them, and eventually escapes the island with the other survivors. In the film's introduction, when a worker is attacked by a Velociraptor that the park staff are transporting, Muldoon gives the order to kill it.

He notes that the raptors have tested the perimeter fence in different places, probing for an opening. He remains in the control room with Hammond and Arnold, commenting on the many safety and security failures of the park. After the power failure, he drives Sattler to the Tyrannosaurus escape site where they rescue Dr. In the jungle during an attempt to restore power, Muldoon prepares to shoot a Velociraptor in the distance.

Instead, a second raptor ambushes him from the side while he is focused on the other raptor. Muldoon iconically remarks "Clever girl. Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry is one of the main human antagonists in the novel and film. In the novel, he is described as an obese and messy computer scientist. Nedry works for Hammond as the system's programmer and is in charge of networking Jurassic Park's computers.

Although he was not given any details about InGen's operation, Nedry was expected to fix numerous bugs and issues without understanding the ultimate goal. In order to steal the embryos, he shuts down the park's security systems, including several electric fences surrounding select dinosaur paddocks.

He intended to steal embryos from a secure lab, drive them through the park to a waiting agent at the dock, and return to his post before his absence would become suspicious to the others in the park's control room.

On his way to deliver the embryos, he crashes his Jeep and is subsequently blinded and killed by a venomous Dilophosaurus because an unexpected storm causes him to miss crucial road signs. In the novel, his body is later found by Muldoon and Gennaro. Instead, his Jeep is seen shaking with both the Dilophosaurus and him inside screaming.

The shaving cream container is seen rolling down a hill, after previously falling out of Nedry's coat, and is buried by mud. The Gamewhich is set immediately after the events of the first film, Nedry's body is discovered by the video game characters of Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick. Henry Wu is a character in the first novel and film, and later returns in the fourth and fifth film, Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Wu is the biotechnologistand chief geneticist in Jurassic Park and head of the team that created the dinosaurs.

In the novel, he is a former child prodigy, gaining early attention for his undergraduate thesis at MIT, and was personally recruited by Hammond after finishing his doctorate. Although he is the instrumental figure behind the procedures used to bring the dinosaurs to life, he demonstrates little concern for the animals, to the extent that he is unable to even remember exactly what species he has created.

He proposes genetically altering the dinosaurs to make them more manageable, noting that many of their early assumptions about the behavior and biology of the animals had been wrong, but did not get Hammond's approval. He is mentioned indirectly in the second novel when Malcolm discovers old InGen documents addressed to Dr.

Henry Wu scattered throughout the abandoned manufacturing plant on Isla Sorna. Wu has a greatly reduced role in the first film, merely giving a tour of the research facility. He leaves the island on the last boat to the mainland before the tropical storm and the power failure. Wong returned to portray Wu in the film Jurassic World.

The goal of Martel was to extract Pleistocene-dated organic materials from glacial ice. Wu showed excitement for the project, believing it will expand InGen's genome library. Wu is first seen with Claire Dearing trying to attract investors with the genetically modified hybrid Indominus rexusing the genetics of the Tyrannosaurus rex, pit vipertree frogcuttlefishVelociraptor, CarnotaurusTherizinosaurGigantosaurusand other animals.

When Masrani informs Wu of the Indominus' newly discovered abilities to camouflage and to regulate its body temperature, Wu reveals that the animal includes tree frog and cuttlefish DNA, allowing it to do such things. Outraged, Masrani orders Wu to shut down his operations, but Wu reminds him that the geneticists have always used the DNA of other animals to fill gaps in the dinosaurs' genomes.

were dr grant and ellie dating games

Wu further states that many of the dinosaurs would look "quite different" if their genetic code were pure. When InGen Security head Vic Hoskins takes command of the park, Wu is revealed to have been secretly working with Hoskins to create the Indominus rex as a weapon. Hoskins has Wu and his InGen Security team helicoptered off the island to an unknown location along with dinosaur embryos, thus protecting his research. Wong reprised the role in the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomin which he is working for Eli Mills.

The Indoraptor is auctioned off despite Wu's protests that it is an early prototype. Later in the film, Wu plans to get blood from Blue, a Velociraptor, to make an improved Indoraptor. However, he is told by paleo-veterinarian Zia Rodriguez that she had performed a blood transfusion with the blood of T.

Franklin Webb then injects Wu with carfentanil to subdue him, and Wu is subsequently dragged away by one of Mills' mercenaries. Ed Regis Appears in: Regis is often given odd jobs by Hammond that are outside his area of expertise, such as escorting a wounded worker to a Costa Rican hospital, and acting as a babysitter for Lex and Tim during their visit to the park. Despite being overconfident about the park and almost negligent about the accidents that have been occurring, fear quickly overtakes him as things begin to go wrong, since he has seen the brutality of dinosaur attacks previously.

When the Tyrannosaurus breaks free of its pen, he abandons the tour vehicle, leaving Tim and Lex behind. After hiding between some boulders, he tries to make his way back to the cars, but is killed by a juvenile Tyrannosaurus. His severed leg is later discovered by Gennaro and Muldoon as they investigate the attack and is brought back to the Visitor's Center.

Alan Grant

Ed Regis's character is written out of the film, although certain aspects of his character such as his nervousness and cowardice are given to the film's version of Donald Gennaro. Gennaro's death sequence during the T. Jurassic Park filmJurassic World Voiced by: DNA is a cartoon character that resembles an anthropomorphic DNA helix with a face and arms who was exclusive to the film franchise.