Wade barrett and alicia fox still dating after a year

Alicia Fox On What Dating Wade Barrett Was Like, Being Embarrassed About Her Career

Alicia Fox and Cedric first met at 'WWE' and fell in love. Wade Barrett is the first love of Alicia. after splitting with Wade, 'Mendes' has been trying to set her up on dates. . In the same year of November, she moved to the 'ECW brand' and NBC Journalist Michelle Kosinski Engaged and married with. Alicia Fox Reveals Why She Broke Up With Wade Barrett This makes sense, as they often spend a lot of time together throughout the year. As a result, people date within the company, oftentimes assisting each other with Bella getting engaged at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Nikki's sister Brie getting. Fox previously dated Wade Barrett — real name Stu Bennett — for two years when he worked for WWE (in and ). After experiencing.

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