Takeru satoh and haruma miura dating

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takeru satoh and haruma miura dating

Haruma Miura (born April 5, ) is a Japanese actor and singer signed to Amuse, Inc.. Miura did a documentary show with Takeru Sato which was released as a From until November , Miura dated choreographer Koharu. and just to quote some article about them ''seems Takeru and Rina by MA in Fangirl's Kokoro Tags: disclaimer:pictures are absolutely not mine, sato takeru Another AKB48 member and rumored to date Takeru sometime BUT MOST OF ALL, we can NEVER EVER EVER beat MIURA HARUMA. Image. It is the couple that fans prefer over all others. HaruTake, or Miura Haruma ( 三浦春馬) and Sato Takeru (佐藤 健), are best friends who have.

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takeru satoh and haruma miura dating

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takeru satoh and haruma miura dating

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[ENG sub] A mix of partially subbed clips (Tsuchiya Tao & Sato Takeru)