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Head to Empire Online for our verdict. Release date Arthur Ransome's novel Swallows And Amazons is a beautiful hymn to but, like its antecedent, it never really manages to solve the lack of drama needed. On the first day of filming 'Swallows & Amazons' in May , . As a viewer I felt that this soon dated it, whilst Swallows and Amazons sailed onto our and Amazons' published by the Lutterworth Press, available online and. Audience Reviews for Swallows and Amazons. ½ This film from , based on the book by Arthur Ransome, follows the adventures of four.

The two groups decide to battle it out to decide who can call the island theirs. In the meantime, the Amazons' uncle is a shady character who seems to be up to something.

Changes to the original screenplay of the film ‘Swallows & Amazons’ () | Sophie Neville

He is being tailed by two spies who want to get their hands on his secrets. The two story lines collide and the children find themselves in a bigger battle than they first imagined.

Firstly, this film is beautifully shot and is a real treat for the eyes. The great British countryside, in particular the Lake District, has rarely looked so good. Director Phillippa Lowthorpe has obviously realised how stunning the scenery is and made full use of it. The child actors, too, are really great. They fight and squabble like all families do, but there is a real bond between them and I could see myself in all the children - particularly headstrong John Walker.

I also loved the Amazons. Two feisty, funny girls who don't need boys to help them. Great chemistry between them. The adults, too, are fine support.

The script is excellent. A story that gentle needs a little bit more to it. After all, kids just scooting about in boats in an attempt to win a small battle would not really do these days.

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The beefing up of the spy angle kept the pot boiling and apparently is true to the original author's life. You could tell at a glance that he was a great sailor. He was only 11, and yet played the part of John with an honesty that resonates down the years.

Tall now, married with four children and running his own engineering company, Simon told me that he used the money he earned as a child actor to acquire sailing dinghies.

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He bought one of the first fibreglass Optimists and, at the age of 15, he won the British Championships. When not travelling the world on export missions, Simon still takes his family walking in the fells, in true Arthur Ransome tradition.

Alamy Suzanna was the only one of us to take up acting as a career. She wore her lovely silk dresses with attitude, and launched her adult career as a beauty of the screen. Having spurned publicity, she remains unsung, although she continues to act in numerous other films and TV dramas. She took seven years off to raise her son, but can now be seen in My Feral Heart, a British film currently being showcased at festivals.

She still visits the Lake District.

Whatever happened to the original cast of Swallows and Amazons?

He always has done. I was given a part in it, too, as a little girl playing the piano. Like Laurie Lee, he set off for Europe as a young man, gaining work picking fruit, travelling on through Morocco and becoming fluent in French.

He embodies a rural life, working as a gardener, living in a simple dwelling in an isolated spot, although he is fully prepared to march through Trafalgar Square for environmental causes when necessary. He was served with an eviction order. There was a concern that his place of abode did not meet living standards since he only used water from a spring. But the issue went to the High Court and before he knew it, Sten was in the national newspapers.

The ordeal became so stressful that he began to suffer clinical depression. Then, suddenly, I was alerted to the headline: The last thing she wanted to be was an actress, and an actress was the last thing Claude Whatham wanted. He purposely avoided stage schools when casting, making enquiries at sailing clubs instead.

Happily married, hair cut short, Kit can still be seen on a boat.


The cast of Swallows and Amazons She came from Kent, the daughter of a teacher who always made sure that Lesley had stylish clothes. Bell-bottom trousers and scoop-necked T-shirts with long sleeves were very much the fashion at the time. We were keen on making tapestries, the traditional occupation of actresses when hanging around on set.