Sonny with a chance and chad dating episodes naruto

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sonny with a chance and chad dating episodes naruto

SasuNaru (Sasuke/Naruto Naruto) Channy (Chad/Sonny Sonny with a Chance ) never really happend was not something Sonny was expecting after her her first date with Chad, *Spolers of upcoming episodes inside 2* rated for later. So Random! is an American Disney Channel sketch comedy series that premiered on June 5, Each episode features sketch comedy skits with the So Random! cast, .. about So Random! getting its own show and Chad becoming a Random. . (both dressed as parodies of Goku and Naruto Uzumaki) and are obsessed. They first started dating in "Falling for the Falls." The term "Channy" has since been used in the episode "Chad Without a Chance" as a couple name for the two .

He books a room in her hotel. Why are you in my locker? He could kill me! I found him first! He was smart, athletic and handsome. She was nothing to him, until fate decides to land them in an embarrassing situation. That's where our story begins! SasuSaku Naruto - Rated: He saw that I was crying, and he quickly pulled me into his arms.

sonny with a chance and chad dating episodes naruto

Set between Firebending Masters and Boiling Rock. But he could be the key to saving her soul … An SxS fic set in a world where the Void has taken Sakura's feelings and memories of Syaoran.

Cheater Girls

Sister story to 'One Week'. Hn, Love by existence reviews Sasuke does not chase after girls, and no, he won't change his rule for the pink haired girl he sees in the library everyday. Patrick found her fascinating. And he was going to catch her one day. Now that fate struck in this whirlwind of emotions, are second chances still possible even in a world full of secrets, lies and deceits?

Rinoa Heartilly, new girl to the neighborhood is quickly making friends and turning heads, but her new life seems threatened by a dark secret that she's fallen in the midst of. Can a new acquaintance-a dark, handsome stranger help her?

No, he loved her. But he didn't know her first name. Will he ever have the courage to ask her out to the dance?

Sonny with a Chance - S 1 E 9 - Sonny With A Chance Of Dating

Tough, many guys wanna go with her also. Like VitaminWater by angelforshow reviews AU. It's Monday, and Sonny really needs a cupcake. Why does she need a cupcake? Well, that can be explained by two simple words: What he didn't know was that she was standing right before his eyes all along.

If you stop laughing long enough to catch a breath, I must just explain it to you. Could it be that their subconscious minds are trying to tell them something? AU from onwards. Following a botched mission, Sakura is made a slave by Sound, a position that could very well alter the future…especially concerning a certain familiar missing-nin. There, she meets Squall Leonhart.

Two completely different people forced to live under the same roof. While at the same time Sonny owns strawberry lip gloss. K - English - Romance - Chapters: And yet so terribly wrong.

Better than it sounds, I think. It is now discontinued. Kirana reviews A Japanese school-girl, Sakura Kinomoto, falls in love with an out-of-reach hot famous actor, Li Syaoran, who lives in London. With her intelligence, she gets a scholarship to England and finds her life changes drastically.

She's the one he loves Ten years ago the ouija board spelled out the name of her 'true love', she's been waiting for him ever since. Need I say more? Zutara one shot Avatar: It took Sasuke one meeting to realize Sakura was very likely insane, and four for him to decide that that was okay. Cinderbella meets her Prince Charming but where in the fairy tale did it say he wasn't single? Susan wants Caspian, but Caspian wants Bella is about to testify against an Italian mobster, she is placed into the witness protection program under the watchful eye of agent Masen.

Needs to be revised, read at own risk. She didn't expect that she'd meet a person like him in a million years, and in a department store of all places. Zuko x Katara Avatar: She discovers that, it's not a dream, and they have a lot more in common, making them almost perfect for each other.

AH, short story Twilight - Rated: Because when Sasuke comes home he brings some people with him and some interactions are more hostile than others. Team 7 never said they'd share. Tell her, what could possibly turn Sasuke Uchiha on? One argument in the street leads to a lot more than they ever thought could happen But is her Vampire too tortured to be repaired, and will he let her save him?

Or is Spike lost to her forever. Basically a re write of Season Seven with an eventual alternative Chosen Buffy: Can they become more than that? A little Klaine on the side. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Season Two by onceuponapurpleplatypus reviews I couldn't stand the cliffhanger for the incomplete web series Little White Lie, so I decided to finish it.

This starts right where Little White Lie left off, taking place a day after the last scene of Season One.

Tv Shows - Rated: What started as a one shot on The Doctor and Roses first day of high school, and turned into a multi-chapter story on their first year. Mickey and Shereen thrown in as well as the best friends.

sonny with a chance and chad dating episodes naruto

Doctor Who - Rated: Only a few problems stand in his way: Will he kill her or mate her? Inuyasha encounters a whole string of oddball jobs, rival suitors, modern society mishaps, and he has to deal with their awkward relationship. Who's seducing who anyway? Coarse language, yaoi, lemon, NaruSasu. Disclaimer in my profile. Yaoi pairing, Proceed with caution.

If you are not a fan of the pairing, you might want to skip over this story. Sonny with a Chance - Rated: Sasuke Uchiha returns to his home to learn that he's stuck in a betrothal he doesn't want.

He is even further shocked when he learns that the one chosen for him is none other then his childhood friend, Naruto Uzumaki, who is not a child any more. The Heart Never Lies by nedlovesyou reviews Actions are often unexplainable, and they most certainly were in the case of Chad Dylan Cooper's sudden pursuit of Sonny Monroe's heart.

She's also Demi Lovato! Channy in the end. As traditional in the Weasley family Ron is being given advice on becoming a new father from his brother Bill and Arthur. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: Rated for language, hinted yaoi.

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T - English - Humor - Chapters: It seems so simple, until So when the two are forced to spend the night together, what is the blonde supposed to do? If only Sasuke can figure out a way to stop Naruto from either a asking him to read porn or b realize gay erotica is better. NaruSasu Naruto - Rated: Girl reviews A kiss with a stranger at a subway station has tragic consequences.

And he wants the blonde haired, blue eyed genie… Naruto - Rated: Follows the lives of Spike Norman and his girlfriend Buffy Summers. Life is good - too good? A strange encounter leads to a race against time to save Spike's life.

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Begins after Eclipse and follows Edward and Bella as they make it through their wedding and Bella's change. Rated M for adult material. These are a few of them. These are just random, short oneshots and or drabbles about Valenwind. Some are fluffy, some are And it's very, very long. X3 Naruto - Rated: An AR riff on the anime. Rated for coarse language, violence and citrus. Kagome Higurashi, recent graduate of the Imperial Military Academy, finds all of her skills seriously tested when the Shikon Jewel summons her to the Sengoku Jidai.

When presented with a rare opportunity to attend a private showing of his latest works, she accepts. Buffy finds herself with a chance to stop William from being turned in London,