Sloan and lexie age difference in dating

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sloan and lexie age difference in dating

17 – the age Lexie [presumably] graduates from High School This would establish why she's in Lexie's class of interns, but still doesn't work for the age gap . (the date written in her diary in the 4th episode of the most. (Leigh and husband Nathan West have three children, ages 8, /2 and 3.) Good Luck Lexie, hope to see you soon in a different show Reply. Robin says I Loved Slexie(Lexie and Sloan) from the beginning and I hate that Lexie died! Reply . Her relationships with Alex and Jackson went nowhere. Since we know now that mark Sloan was born in , and season 5, mentioning Lexie's age as 24 ran in january , their age difference is around 16 years.

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sloan and lexie age difference in dating

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