Santino marella and emma dating

Who is NXT Diva Emma Dating on the WWE Main Roster?

santino marella and emma dating

Anthony Carelli (March 14, ), better known by his ring name Santino Marella , is a On February 3, , Marella returned to television and invited Emma into the ring as well as to present a Slammy Award on Raw dated December 8. Anthony Carelli (born March 14, ) is a Canadian sports analyst, web series host, trainer, .. On February 3, , Marella returned to television and invited Emma into the ring from the crowd to have a "dance-off" with Summer Rae, starting. He was best known by his ring name Santino Marella. On February 3, , he comes back to TV and welcomed Emma into the ring from the.

After celebrating in the ring, Tamina kissed Santino, starting a relationship between them. On January 30,Marella entered the Royal Rumble at number He was one of the final two wrestlers, before being eliminated by Alberto Del Rio.

On September 1, Carelli injured his left shoulder in a car accident before a house show in Puerto Ricorendering him inactive for several weeks. On the following episode of SmackDown, Marella successfully defended the title against Swagger in a steel cage match, by escaping through the cage door.

Successively Marella was eliminated by Wade Barrett from the battle-royal. Marella then took a leave of absence due to a neck injury. On the next episode of Smackdown he defeated Damien Sandow with the cobra. Marella then began a feud with Cesaro and his tag team partner Jack Swagger. Santino defeated Swagger on the September 20 episode of SmackDown and he defeated Cesaro on the September 30 episode of Raw in singles competition.

Who is NXT Diva Emma Dating on the WWE Main Roster?

After the match, he danced on the announce table. After that, he took a brief hiatus once again. Marella and Emma before a match on Raw in April On February 3,Marella returned to television and invited Emma into the ring from the crowd to have a "dance-off" with Summer Raestarting a feud with her and Fandango.

santino marella and emma dating

Emma would go on to win the dance competition against Summer Rae the February 21 episode of SmackDown. Retirement and part-time appearances — [ edit ] After a third neck injury, Marella declared his retirement on July 6 at a house show in Toronto, Ontario. On May 6,after not appearing on WWE television inMarella was released from WWE along with seven other superstars; the reason was due to an injury.

In light of El Patron's legal troubles, he was announced to be replaced in the match by Chavo Guerrero Jr. Emma walked away from the counter, heading towards the elevators.

He quickly walked towards the counter and asked the woman for the key of his room. She turned around and looked for it; apparently, she had trouble finding it, because it took pretty long. During that time, Santino was biting his lower lip and tapped the wood of the counter, he was getting inpatient beyond belief.

What if Emma was already in her room now?! But finally, the woman found Santino's key. When she handed it over to him, he practically ripped it out of her hand and ran to the elevators. But then he changed his mind; all of the elevators were occupied, he had to take the stairs.

As if he was chased by the devil himself, Santino ran upstairs. He mentally slapped himself on the forehead. At each floor he arrived, he looked around, hoping his would catch a glimpse of the Australian Aphrodite. But for the next four floors, he had no success.

But when he reached the fifth floor, completely out of breath, he spotted her.

Santino Marella

Emma was at the end of the hallway, about to enter her room. With his heart pounding in his sore throat and his lungs nearly ran out of air, Santino managed to call out her name. Even though she was standing in a little distance, Santino could hear her sweet Australian accent. Dang, he loved that accent so much. He walked towards the Diva, a trickle of sweat ran down his temple. First a wrestling match, then running on five floors of stairs From up close, he could hear her accent even better.

Good for the cardio, you know! There was no turning back now. He had approached Emma, he had to finish what he started. Because if he would stop now, this could turn really awkward and send his self-assurance back to rock bottom. Santino had to ask it. I was wondering if Emma frowned, not understanding the situation. The expression her face only made him feel even more nervous.

He couldn't do it Santino's self-assurance was sinking once more, but suddenly he remembered Sheamus' words. He shouldn't give up now! Taking a deep breath, Santino found his voice back. It was quiet between the Italian wrestler and the Australian Diva. Emma's face expressed sheer surprise. That didn't make Santino feel right Was it just like he expected? Wasn't she attracted to him, did she already have a crush on someone else?

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The silence was nearly killing him with nerves. But then, Emma smiled. A soft blush emerged from her cheeks. His heart had never beat this fast before, it was beating so fast. His hands were slightly shaking. You want go out with me?! If he was living in a cartoon world, he could've jumped through the roof!

Emma wanted to go out with him! He wanted to shout that out loud, he didn't care if he would wake up the entire hotel. The prettiest woman in the business wanted to go out on a date with him and everyone should know that.

santino marella and emma dating

Could that be possible? I'm looking forward to it already! I'll make reservations tomorrow! Thank you so much, Santino She thought he was a great guy Feeling her close to him made Santino's cheeks and ears feel like they were on fire, they were so warm.

His grin got bigger, he looked like a moron. But in less than five seconds, she already let go of him again. Emma was smiling from ear to ear and for one moment, Santino could swear she had a loving look in her eyes.

Then she turned around, opened the door of her hotel room and walked inside. The door closed with a loud click.

santino marella and emma dating

Santino was standing on his spot like he was frozen. But he was far from frozen. On the inside, he was burning with happiness. Santino turned around and walked to his hotel room, only he didn't feel like he was walking.

He felt like he was floating, like he was in a dream. Tonight, a dream came true. He finally had the courage to ask Emma out on a date and she said yes. The woman of his dreams said yes. When he was lying in his bed at night, he couldn't fall asleep. He was so thrilled, he couldn't wait for tomorrow. Maybe WWE didn't give her enough time to make the character work and now she's going to be stuck with that label for the rest of her career.

WWE began airing videos to promote a new female character that obviously cared more about the way she looked than her wrestling ability, which is a step back to the s Divas. This forced many of the WWE Universe to be against the idea before it even happened.

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Not only that, but these packages began airing on October 3, Emmalina finally made her debut in February That's four months that the WWE Universe were forced to wait for a debut that was over in 45 seconds.

Reports suggest that Emma couldn't portray the character appropriately and now WWE will allow her to become Emma again and instead choose another female wrestler to portray the Emmalina style character they desperately want on their Raw roster. Emma mostly appears in the background, in the canteen when the other stars are eating or even backstage ahead of an event so WWE is forced to include her in the show. Now that she has been dating Zack for over a year and reports suggest that the couple is living together, there should be no reason why these two are not included in an upcoming season of Total Divas.

Zack is obviously out injured at the moment following knee surgery, so he could be available for filming whilst he's being forced to take time away from WWE TV. She decided in to launch a cooking channel on Youtube and allow many WWE stars to be guests as she cooked up some treats on a show she called 'Taste Of Tenille. She would be better off not continuing to be part of any ventures outside of the company.

Of course, Emma won all of the competitions because she was much more popular with the live audience, even though it was obvious that Summer was the better dancer. This would lead to Summer then attacking Emma and their feud lasted for a number of months before it became quite stale. It didn't take long for her to realize that she wanted to become a wrestler, and started officially training for the business at just years-old.

santino marella and emma dating

Emma dedicated a lot of her time to training whilst she was younger and even began to work shows before she graduated from school. She would spend all of her spare time practicing rather than spending time with her friends.

She once admitted that she begged her mother to drive her to training sessions most of the time as well and even relocated to Canada at one point so that she could join Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy.