Ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

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ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

Jul 1, friend Manny, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), and Ryan Cooley (JT) — not to mention Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev, who played Mia. Ryan Cooley as JT, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Liberty, Jake Epstein as Craig, Lauren Collins as Paige, Andrea Lewis as Hazel, Adamo. Sarah Elizabeth Barrable-Tishauer (b. She dated Ryan Cooley, whom her character dated on the show, as well as Mazin Elsadig, with whom her character .

But Darcy was acting oddly quiet. It was a total nightmare," Chantay said as she looked to the passenger seat and noticed Darcy wasn't paying attention. This isn't like you" Chantay said concernedly. Darcy sighed as she got out of Chantay's car. Chantay grinned, knowing they would be back together in a matter of moments. Darcy stopped a few feet away from Spinner and the two stood in awkward silence.

Both searched the depths of their minds for the right thing to say, but neither could seem to find it. Spinner took a deep breath.

ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

And I think I'm ready to be over the past if you are, as long as I know you're here for me now. Darcy grinned, knowing she had scared him enough. JT put a few books away in his locker, impatiently waiting for the first day of school to end. He closed his locker and noticed Emma and Peter approaching. No one's even running against her, but she still feels the need to decorate the whole place to make it look like her fan club," JT angrily said.

Almost like magic, Liberty and Toby appeared, walking in sync with the group. JT's face sunk, causing Peter to laugh. They all looked at one another questioningly before heading forward to see what the commotion was about. Liberty was shocked as she saw a girl with dirty blonde hair speaking to a crowd of students. Holly J had definitely gotten Peter's attention, who was a little taken aback by her beauty. The crowd applauded loudly at her words.

Satan has a sister? The competition had come when she least expected it. Spinner sat in algebra class, watching Coach Armstrong finish writing some equations on the board. Spinner, you wanna try the first equation? After a couple minutes or so, he stepped back somewhat nervously. Coach Armstrong looked at it for a moment and smiled surprisingly. Good job," Coach Armstrong said as the bell rang. Students quickly grabbed their things and headed for the door.

It's nice to finally see some improvement," Coach Armstrong began. We could really use your skills this season. Of course, that'd be awesome," Spinner said excitedly. Spinner exited the classroom, feeling happier than ever. It was only the first day of school, and so far his senior year had been going amazing.

He had Darcy back. He had a spot back on the soccer team. Things were finally starting to turn around for him. His best friend, Jimmy Brooks rolled out in front of him, forcing him to hault. Spinner jumped a little bit, not expecting Jimmy to come out of nowhere. Jimmy laughed as his girlfriend Ashley Kerwin appeared at his side, laughing as well. Please don't scare me like that again" Spinner said. Ashley tried to push Jimmy's wheelchair, but as always, he stopped her.

He had been trying to act more independent lately. Marco invited us all over tonight. You should bring Darcy" "Dylan's? The first day of Spirit Squad tryouts appeared to be going magically. Manny enjoyed having a sense of control and stability for once. All the eyes were finally on her this time and not Page and Hazel. She looked up to see Holly J entering with a confident grin.

And also, I think you guys need me. And why is that? The auditioning girls applauded, gravitating toward her and asking for lessons. Darcy and Chantay looked at each other and smiled.

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Manny worriedly eyed Holly J, who seemed to be spreading through Degrassi faster than a wildfire. Even though it had taken some convincing to get Darcy to come, it all worked out in the end, and Paige was nowhere to be found as promised.

Once she was safe and secure in the bathroom, the visitor was revealed as Marco opened the door. None other than Paige. Spinner looked as if he had just seen a ghost. He had to escape. He looked at Jimmy and Ashley with a "how the hell am I gonna get out of this one? Spinner looked horrified and unsure of what to do.

In the bathroom, Darcy was fixing her makeup, happily looking over her appearance in the mirror. She couldn't believe how well things were going with Spinner. She expected things to be weird and awkward, but somehow they fell right into place.

But as she reached the living room and the sight of Paige with her arms around Spinner, that all went out the window. After he hits her on several occasions, Alli breaks up with him and begins dating Dallas. Alli has appeared in episodes. She had a rocky relationship with her first love Sav, mostly due to his family's Muslim beliefs. She develops a hobby for LARPing. During a spring formal at Degrassi, she convinces Sav to have sex in the limo to keep him away from his arranged wife.

She lies to him about being on the pill resulting in her needing to take the "Day After" pill. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer; she tries to date her mother's doctor, but her feelings are unrequited after he learns she is only During her senior year, she gets rejected by the only college she applied to and out of grief, had a one-night stand with Owen which later turned into a relationship.

To deal with her problems, she began dabbling in cocaine which had a negative effect on her relationship and potential career plans.

She graduates from Degrassi and enlists in the Canadian Air Force. Uncredited appearance by the actress in Season 6. Anya has appeared in 82 episodes. She was popular and at the top of her classes until she took ecstasy and damaged her relationship with Jimmy and most of her friends.

She became a goth and dated Craig until he cheated on her with Manny. She later becomes cordial with Craig and joins his band, Downtown Sasquatch, until Spinner and Marco kick her out. Craig and Ashley rekindle their relationship.

ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

Craig proposes to her, but she refuses resulting in the discovery of his bipolar disorder. She moves to England to work with her dad in the summer. She breaks up with Craig via email when she meets a guy named Allister. She returns to Degrassi to finish school. She rekindles her relationship with Jimmy.

Her music almost gets discovered, but her talent is hidden when Jimmy's is spotlighted, resulting in their final breakup. She sees Craig performing at the concert and leaves school to tour with him in Europe.

Ashley has appeared in 71 episodes. Rebecca "Becky" Baker Sarah Fisher 12—14 regular Becky is an enthusiastic and conservative Christian with a passion for the theater.

Becky and Eli are paired together to write a play, but when Eli changes "Romeo and Juliet" to "Romeo and Jules" she quits. She protests the play, but becomes accepting of Tristan and Adam. Becky enters a relationship with Adam, to the disagreement of her parents. After Adam's death, she becomes racked with guilt and throws a bonfire for his friends. She still doesn't know Adam cheated on her with Imogen. She later investigates the rape of Zoe that occurred at Miles' party. She ultimately finds out that her brother, Luke, was involved in the rape and assists Zoe in turning him in.

She briefly dates Drew, Adam's brother, and at graduation it is said she would be attending the University of Vermont for biology. Becky has appeared in 59 episodes including voice only appearances. Bianca DeSousa Alicia Josipovic 10—13 regular Bianca was a bad girl and categorized as a slut around school.

She has admitted to having a criminal record. She aggressively comes on to Drew, culminating in Bianca giving Drew a blowjob while he was dating Alli. She continues to pursue Drew and they start dating, to the chagrin of his mother.

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An ex-boyfriend, Anson, stalks her and attempts to rape her. Drew attempts to save her and is nearly beaten to death until Bianca kills Anson.

ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

Anson's gang leader, Vince, sends threats of payback. Drew covers for Bianca killing Anson when he tells the police about the incident. Bianca is forced into a sexual relationship with Vince to ensure he won't harm Drew. Drew breaks up with Bianca claiming she causes too much drama.

Later, Bianca improves her grades and attitude in school. Drew and Bianca eventually rekindle their relationship and get engaged. Drew's mother, Audra, crashes the elopement, but accepts their relationship and convinces them to hold off the wedding. After she graduates from Degrassi, she leaves for university. She briefly returns to Canada to comfort Drew at his brother's funeral. On Thanksgiving, Bianca returns and remorsefully breaks up with Drew after realizing she wasn't the same person she was before and that she wanted to try new experiences without anything holding her back.

ryan cooley and sarah barrable tishauer dating

Bianca has appeared in 65 episodes including voice only appearances. Blue rejects her advances in favor of first getting to know her before they have sex. They break up, but get back together when he saves her life in a robbery at The Dot. During Season 9, he tries to change Holly J. He is last seen getting a girl's phone number at a school carnival. Blue has appeared in 11 episodes. Bruce the Moose Natty Zavitz 7 recurring ; 8—9 regular A friend of Johnny and Derek's, he is the typical bully, and is on the football team.

He makes fun of several students at Degrassi any chance he gets. He catches Dave pouring urine all over his locker and threatens to meet him after school the next day.

Dave tries to make peace with Bruce and, although Bruce doesn't beat him up, he throws a water balloon filled with urine at him. Johnny starts to disassociate himself from Bruce, which initiates a conflict between them. Johnny refers to him as "Mr. Bruce has appeared in 25 episodes. Campbell "Cam" Saunders Dylan Everett 12 regular Cam was a gentle-nature kind of guy and the best player on the hockey team, the Ice Hounds. He develops feelings for Maya and they begin a relationship.

He feels too pressured to perform at hockey which causes him to feel depressed. In one of his depressed moods, he jumps off the catwalk and breaks his arm. Cam goes through love triangle problems between him, Maya, and Zig. This causes more tension between him and Maya. Cam leaves a video message for Maya to meet him outside of Degrassi. While waiting for her, Zig calls him a "psycho;" claiming that if Cam loved Maya he would stay out of her life forever. Cam's depression is finally pushed too far.

He sends Maya a text message saying, "I'm not coming. His body was found the next morning by Eli.

Campbell has appeared in 20 episodes. Chantay Black Jajube Mandiela 4—5, 7 guest appearances ; 6 recurring ; 8—11 regular Chantay is the known gossip queen of Degrassi and member of the Power Squad. She convinced Leia to break up with Danny, claiming that it would help their relationship, however she had feelings for Danny as well.

She feels bad and tries to get them back together, but fails when Danny informs her he has feelings for her too. In Season 10, she becomes captain of the cheer squad. After Principal Simpson cancelled all school clubs as part of his crack down for the events of Casino Night, Chantay became one of the leading figures in convincing Principal Simpson to hold a forum to get the clubs back. She is last seen graduating from Degrassi and attending prom with her friends.

Chantay has appeared in 64 episodes. Clare Edwards Aislinn Paul 6—7 guest appearances ; 8—14 regular Clare is Darcy's younger sister and best friends with Alli.

She used to attend private-school. She continued to wear her private school uniform at Degrassi.

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She later begins to change her looks, conservative, and stuck-up attitude. She develops a crush on K. Principal Sheppard calls her a bitch for protesting against him after being rude to the gifted class. She stops wearing glasses after having laser eye surgery. She meets Eli and develops feelings when he helps to deal with her parents fighting and eventual divorce. After a while she wanted a break from Eli because the relationship was suffocating her.

He crashes his car in hopes that she will visit him in the hospital. When Clare figures out his motives, she calls him manipulative and ends their relationship. Clare becomes a reporter for the school newspaper. She begins a relationship with Jake, her mother's boyfriend's son. After their parents get married, they still continue a secret relationship. Jake later breaks up with Clare when she rushes into sex with him. She temporarily moves out into another home, where she witnesses cannabis production and social withdrawal.

She gets a journalism internship. When her boss sexually harasses her, she loses her internship. She attempts to frame him with naked photos of herself, but has a change of heart. She and Eli were elected prom king and queen. Clare is diagnosed with cancer in Season 13, but is able to beat it.

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Eli later cheats on her with his roommate and editor. She breaks up with him and kisses Drew during Thanksgiving, but get back together later. Clare developed stronger feelings for Drew and breaks up with Eli again when she feels he's being distant. She and Drew have sex and Drew dumps her because she loves Eli. Her and Eli get back together after a storm forces her to stay with him in New York.

After hitting her head and passing out, Clare goes to the hospital. Later, she gets a call from her doctor saying that everything is safe for her and her baby. She discovers she is pregnant and assumes it is Drew's child; however it is revealed to be Eli's child when she discovers that she is farther along than she thought.

She is accepted to Columbia University. Clare and Eli rekindle their relationship but sadly later they find out Clare had a miscarriage but Eli is there to help her through it. After Clare graduates she decides to take a gap year and both her and Eli agree that they can make long distance work and kiss.

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Clare has appeared in episodes. He has Asperger syndrome. He becomes addicted to an online role-playing game and forms a relationship with a middle-aged woman whom he plays with. He starts to steal underwear from the female students and faculty at Degrassi which leads to him being suspended. He joins the football team and is teased by Mo and the other teammates. Connor counterattacks by creating a fake profile online to get back at Mo, only to realize that the damage destroyed Mo's confidence.

The two then reconcile and become friends. He begins dating Jenna. Connor has appeared in episodes including voice only appearances. Jake Epstein 2—5 regular ; 6—8 guest appearances Craig is a ladies' man with a passion for music.

He is Angie's half-brother. He was often abused by his father until he moves in with Joey, a used car salesman. He tries to rekindle his relationship with his father up until his death. He started dating Ashley, but cheated on her with Manny and got her pregnant.

He wanted to keep the baby, but Manny aborted it. He is the co-founder and lead singer of the band Downtown Sasquatch. He rekindles his relationship with Ashley and proposes to her, but she refuses resulting in the discovery of his bipolar disorder. They continue dating even after she left for England to work with her father. She breaks up with him via email after she meets a new guy named Allister. Ellie develops a crush on him, but he ignores her for his rekindled relationship with Manny.

He moves out of Toronto to start this music career. He develops a cocaine addiction while away. He was seen performing at a Purple Dragon concert in Smithdale.

Ashley leaves with him to tour Europe. He has been in rehab and has a new girlfriend, much to the disappointment of Ellie who still has feelings for him.

However, the two share a passionate kiss at the airport and it was hinted that they would eventually begin a relationship. Craig has appeared in 69 episodes. Craig reappeared in an episode of Degrassi: Next Class ' second season during an alumni event at Degrassi and once again during the 4th season. Mike Dallas Demetrius Joyette 12—14 regular When he was 15 he had a kid with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. Dallas was the captain of the hockey team Ice Hounds. He lives in the Torres home.

Dallas has a party attitude and harasses girls at Degrassi. He starts hanging out with Katie, but when she starts dating Jake he becomes jealous, and wrecks their garden. Dallas crashes Clare's birthday party and gets in a fight with Eli. He starts to show an interest in Alli and makes up with the people he has hurt while in Degrassi. He takes Cam's suicide really hard, believing it is his own fault and contemplates suicide on the roof of the school until Fiona talks him out of it.