Rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

Aug 3, Jennifer Lopez is getting over Marc Anthony with a little help from her What To Expect When You're Expecting co-star, Rodrigo Santoro!. The Back-up Plan (). Comedy | Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin, Michaela Watkins Rodrigo Santoro. My girlfriend roped me in -- so I went. Sep 26, Though things were never confirmed between the pair, it's hard to imagine there wasn't tension (or at least plenty of sweat) between JLo and.

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

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Rodrigo Santoro: 5 Things to Know About J.Lo's Onscreen Husband

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There was one other thing in the background of the photo she posted on Wednesday morning: Given the extreme closeness of the bond they've developed over the past year and a half, it's also of course possible that he's now also her workout buddy.

If he wants to keep up with J. Lo, though, he better start stepping up his game when it comes to his own thirst traps. JLo may have started seeing David Cruz when she was just 15, but she went on to date her first love for a full decade, making for plenty of '90s fashion moments even after they split up, like this tank dress in Even though JLo met the actor Wesley Snipes when filming a sex scene she later publicly called "horrible," she went on to date Snipes briefly after filming wrapped, this time keeping showcasing a bit more demure '90s fashion.

Long before JLo's first husband Ojani Noa threatened to release a sex tape of her last year, the pair met in a Cuban restaurant where he was a waiter, making for a year-long marriage that saw JLo in body con dresses and blue eye shadow while he opted for hot pink button-ups.

In their two years of dating, JLo and Diddy hardly shied from the opportunity to coordinate outfits, matching in white but sadly not in crop tops for events like the VMAs. Cris Judd was the first of several back-up dancers JLo ended up having flings with, and definitely the first she married, marking a two-year relationship full of early aughts style and hairdos like a mop of floppy curls.

Rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating backup

Bennifer met on-set of Gigli in and dated for the next two years, until calling off their engagement in —a time full of plenty of t-shirts and off-color ties for Affleck, and fur and floor-length, high slitted gowns for JLo. Not to mention all her crop tops alongside Affleck in the video for "Jenny from the Block.

Post-Ben, JLo found her groove with Marc Anthony, whom she was married to for seven years, having twins named Max and Emme before divorcing ina year that nonetheless saw JLo looking her best in silver Emilio Pucci sequins at the Grammy Awards.

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That same year, JLo was rumored to have had a fling with another mustachioed man: