Raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

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raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

i dont think so. i no tht eddie and raven went out, but tht was in one episode only. it'd be cute if eddie and chelsea went out tho.:) Joanna · 9. Victor: Rae, sometimes your visions aren't exactly what you think they are. Look, why don't you just [Eddie and Chelsea walk away leaving Raven confused and even more suspicious] . The Dating Shame () S2 Ep16[edit]. Host guy. What was the name of the retail store Raven and Chelsea both applied at? . a date with Devon because he was taking his little sister with him. . Chelsea and Eddie didn't think it's a good idea but that didn't stop Raven.

When meeting up together one day, Cory finds out she's got a smoking habit but helps her quit with help from his sister Raven. The role was portrayed by Jordyn Coleman but what was the character name? Question 13 What was the name of the teacher that spat when he spoke?

Grozowtski Raven's teacher that spat when he spoke, was an English teacher and the first named principal for Bayside High School. Students used to avoid talking to him. In her sophomore year, he had become principal. Raven once had a vision that was going to give out uniforms and accidentally gave him the idea to do it when questioning him about it.

Raven broke the dress code with Alana, Bianca and Muffy and got detention for it. What was the name of this teacher? Question 14 What was the name of the smelly kid in school? In the episodes he appears in, his fellow school pupils can smell him from around the corner. In an episode, Raven had to work with him for a science project and tried to cleanse him at every given opportunity.

In a different episode, this character won the election when campaigning to be school president. He beat Chelsea Daniels, Raven's best friend. What was the name of this smelly character? Question 15 What was the name of the TV show everyone in school wanted to be discovered from? In the Road To Audition episode, it seemed everyone wanted to be discovered when they found out they were searching for talent in schools. Raven, Jasmine, Chelsea and Eddie all end up performing in the episode thinking they've found the person scouting but little do they know, they are performing to the wrong person.

What was the name of the TV show they were trying to be a part of? Question 16 What was the nickname Raven and Cory gave their babysitter? Little do they know that they are going to be a part of a show called Revenge of the Babysitter where she gets her sweet revenge. This is because they blamed the babysitter for eating the cake they ate last time she looked after them. She was treated as a pushover and got her own back.

Raven and Cory both gave this babysitter a nickname. Can you remember what it was? Question 17 Which singer played the role of an art teacher? She uses Raven as her inspiration and creates a statue that represents Raven as a bird and also herself. Raven describes the piece as a "freak with a beak" and upsets Chelsea. Raven has a vision that she's going to knock the statue by accident and does exactly that after she had the vision.

She's worried that Chelsea will think she did it on purpose so she pretends to be the statue in the art gallery. Her art teacher in the episode was a familiar face. Do you know who it was? Question 18 Who did Raven pretend to be to impress Eric? Hannah Lene Alexandra Raven plans on getting noticed by Eric, a pupil from her school that she likes. The one problem is that his type is athletic girls. During gym class, he mistakes Raven for a Russian pupil who is very flexible.

Raven ends up pretending she's that pupil until he finds out that she isn't athletic in the slightest. Chelsea and Eddie didn't think it's a good idea but that didn't stop Raven. What was the name of the character Baxter pretended to be?

raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

Question 19 Who played the role of Raven's mom? She is always there for her children and is very firm with them. She put her studies on hold to raise her family, but decided once the children were older, she would continue to study law. In an episode, she became Raven's English teacher temporarily.

In series four, Tanya does not appear in the episodes because she goes to England to study law. Who played this role? Question 20 Complete the lyrics: And everything's gonna change, now" "And the future looks great now as long as Rae puts it right" "It's all about the future Raven can see" "Those visions ain't gonna stop us now" The That's So Raven theme song was the same song used for all four seasons and is one catchy tune.

Every That's So Raven fan should know all the words to it! Complete the line that follows from "Yeah, come on and ride with Rae now" Question 21 What was the name of the second That's So Raven soundtrack?

More That's So Raven! That's So Raven Too! Series 2 Soundtrack That's So Raven had two soundtrack albums released. With so many great artists a part of the soundtracks, can you remember the title of the second soundtrack released in March ? Question 22 Which Disney Channel star sibling made an appearance on the show?

The only difference is that he can have a vision whenever he chooses to make the vision face. He brags about his powers and gains popularity. However, it all goes wrong when he falsely predicts a racehorse for an old friend to gamble on. A certain famous Disney Channel star sibling appears in the episode.

Do you know who they are? Question 23 Which one of these pop stars appear in the show? While most of them just appear in just one episode, it's always fun to see other people you know in a show you love. That's So Raven became the first Disney Channel show to achieve over episodes and was the highest-rated program on Disney Channel during its initial run so it's no wonder there were so many people wanting to be a part of it.

Question 24 Who else in Raven's family is also psychic? Her grandmother Her mother Her auntie Raven Baxter wasn't the only one in her family who had psychic powers. A family member called Vivian also was. She only appears in one episode in the show in series one but is mentioned a few times later on in other episodes. The actress is portrayed by Jenifer Lewis but what relation to Raven was she? Question 25 Who did Macy Gray play in the show? She has appeared in big blockbuster movies such as Spiderman and Scary Movie 3 playing herself as well as portraying characters like Rose in For Colored Girls and Taffy in Idlewild.

Can you remember what role Gray played in That's So Raven? Question 26 What was the name of Chelsea's favourite school tree? In the episode, Chelsea is upset that the tree is getting knocked down after many years. Raven and Eddie aren't really bothered by it but of course, nature lover Chelsea is.

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Chelsea meets a boy called Jake who she starts dating as they bond over nature and being vegetarians. Turns out, Jake was just lying to Chelsea so she would like him. Chelsea gets people to sign a petition so the tree doesn't get knocked down. What was the name of the school tree that was her favorite? Question 27 What was the name of Raven's Spanish teacher? What was her name in That's So Raven though? Question 28 What was the name of Raven's favourite boy band? The group consists of three members who are Ricky, Trey, and JJ.

Chelsea, Bianca, Muffy, and Loca are also fans of the boys. In an episode, Raven's mum lets the boys stay at their place temporarily as they need a place to hide from their crazy fans when they are in the area. What was the name of this boy band?

raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

Question 29 What other Disney Channel show did Larry later on appear in? The role was played by David Henrie who has done quite a lot of work for Disney Channel.

Because dad, we have always been a threesome, if they become a twosome, then I become a onesome.

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Then if they break up we're gonna be three onesomes, which is definitely not as good as one threesome! Rae, sometimes your visions aren't exactly what you think they are. Look, why don't you just ask Eddie and Chelsea straight up what's going on? I guess your right. So, what's going on with you two? Well, uh, sometimes nothing can seem like something And yet sometimes something can actually be 'something'. Nothing yet or nothing at all 'cause if it's nothing at all we can do it to-geth-er Because if three people do nothing, then it actually becomes something.

Just don't touch yourself.

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This is all your fault! I like you too. Clothes Minded S2 Ep4[ edit ] Raven: Live bug, live bug! Or until rats talk! I wish I could buy every pair that I meet Blue in the Face S2 Ep8[ edit ] Raven: Oh yeah, 'cause remember, Rae. I got so much money and my friends are all in de-e-bt I got a lot of diamonds on my hands and feet How many ping pong balls are in the jar?

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What d'you thinks wrong with him, girl? Maybe it was something he ate. Well, he ate everything.

raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

What do we do? B, I need you to call Dr. Calvin, he's the best vet in town. Tell him it's Chelsea, and we have a goat down. Rae, you get some blankets. Cory, I need an ice pack. And all the girls are like, "Ooh Eddie, you so cute. Ooh Eddie, you so rich! Oooh Eddie, you so psychic! Oooh Eddie you got the prettiest little eyes!! Now that is ridiculous. I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic? Skunk'd S2 Ep15[ edit ] Chelsea: Rae is this a good spot Raven: