Park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

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park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

Park Si Hoo's first trip to China -Shanghai in June coincided with the “Expo Shanghai . (His ideal style for dating?) After giving it some thoughts, Park Si-Hoo said, Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jung Hee are very. Please note that titles and premiere dates may change. A-list actor Ji Soo Ho ( Yoon Doojoon), who can't say a thing without a script, The radio show is penned by hard-working scriptwriter Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun), who and former husband, while Park Si Yeon plays his new wife Baek Ji Min. According to a reporter on 'Rumor Has it', "Park Si Hoo sustained a lot of backlash Before his trial, his advertisements were canceled, so he.

Knowing that "Iljimae" has aired in China, and also heard that many fans had viewed "Prosecutor Princess" via internet, he was wondering, "will there be fans waiting form me at the airport when I go to Shanghai?

park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

Thinking of so many people supporting him in China, he kept saying "I feel very happy! His shy smile bashfully revealed his pride. He looked quite serious at the airport, one would wonder, is his soberness due to the tight Expo security restrictions recently imposed by the local government, or is he hurt by the crowding fans at the airport?

park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

Park Si Hoo answered my question with a surprised look, and said "seeing so many people to welcome me made me very happy, and let me feel the magnitude of passion of the Chinese fans. Then, he recalled, he did move rather quickly to follow the safety guideline at the airport. However, when he was outside of the airport, he did hear a large "bang!

But later the local agent reassured him that no injury was reported and put his mind at a ease. And hearing more on the rumor that he might've been hurt, he laughingly tapped his arms and chest to show that he is fine.

Park Si HooA Son of Buyeo: Park Si Hoo interviewed by SOHU in June , Shanghai - China

But, he did express that he is a bit disappointed that because of all the new security rules, he was forced to avoid having close contact with Chinese fans and actually had to cancel or change some of his original schedule for his first visit to China. As we were speaking, he suddenly gotten excited and said, there is one amazing thing.

When he was leaving the airport, he realized that there were several cars following stalking him. He guessed that in China, the fans and stars love to play hide-and-seek. Listening to him repeating "Amazing! And he said that when Jung Kyung-Ho was chatting with him over lunch, the topic was about Chinese movies. They found out that they both like Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.

May be because when he grew up watching and loving Hong Kong movies, so he loves many Chinese actors. Speaking of "Prosecutor Princess", he did have some regrets. He felt the rating was improving and good, but it did end with 16 episodes. If they could've extended few more episodes, the rating will continue to increase, and will receive greater attention and positive response. More people know about the actor Park Si Hoo, and an increased in the number of younger fans. In one of his prior interviews, he had mentioned his favorite scene is the kiss scene with Kim So Yeon, is this really the case?

Laughs " It is indeed the case. And the kiss scene with Kim So Yeon did leave a long lasting impression. Originally, the script only called for a little mischievous kiss. But it was perplexing to him, he was pondering on how to act out this scene. He did not expect the kiss scene to be so well received with such an overwhelmingly positive response.

What is his ideal date for White Day?

Park Si Hoo – Which Actress Has Best Chemistry With Him?

His ideal style for dating? He said he is very much set by the first impression. And, he likes the lovely and cute style. When questioned, is Mahyeri of "Prosecutor Princess" considered a cute girl?

How does he interact with his first ladies? Through out their drama shooting period, they worked very smoothly and harmoniously together.

Park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

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park shi hoo and kim so yeon dating

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