Oneal and maria nepembe dating

10 facts about Maria Nepembe, the girl who kissed Beverly Osu

oneal and maria nepembe dating

Now its turning into O'Neal/Feza. From previous seasons it was Looks like she has a boyfriend. Just go through her profile: Maria Nepembe. He opened up on his relationship with Maria Nepembe, who was one of the After the show, there was news that you were dating Maria from. Main · Videos; Bul hanine tinder dating site polyamory married and dating watch online season 2 oneal and maria nepembe dating oneal and maria nepembe.

Another portion of the loot will indeed be shared to them. Her groupie friends have already done their part by running online campaigns for her votes while she was in the House. Still, there are more opportunists in the name of corporate communications experts who are likely to hijack the beauty queen at every chance they get.

If it happened to Lady May, it would certainly happen to Dillish. And the tax man? Dillish will only escape the taxman by donating to charity.

Winners have been known to be extroverts, drunkards and sex maniacs, neither of which Dillish was. Dillish walked around the house like a ghost during her first few days.

The girls went to the house and Big Brother ripped them apart the first night.

oneal and maria nepembe dating

She only warmed up to the other housemates a little later. She did not have sex while in the house and her confrontations were limited to Hakeem who was sometimes backed up by Nando. She kissed Hakeem during a game of spin the bottle but it was boring and did not stir any feelings. The only action people ever got from her was during the shower-hour and when she danced or worked out.

So thatss it,pls i dont support sex in d aus, which is d more reasons, hm Are being evicted, let's leave our Man melvin alone to play d game. At the rate BBA is going we will soon see gay sex on the show. This year with very few exceptions they purposely profiled people with low morals and poor home training so that BBA can appeal to the the basest natures within us all.

As the letterabove states we should be having dialogues about the problems of Africa and possible solutions.


Has anybody noticed how they dumbed down the tasks this year. Knowing the general IQ was very low they keep giving em tasks that fit a kindergarten class. Something must be wrong when people that have stable relationships outside the house are all falling into lust within 2 weeks.

How can you ruin ur relationship of 1 or 2 yrs just cos u were thrown together wid members of opposite sex for 20 days in some cases some HM's were on heat within 7 days.

I am well aware that BB UK followed this trend and is a joke now. But let us not forget that Africa is a land with myriad of problems and not even creating specific times for people to think up solutions is wrong.

What's so incredible about adults writing love poems? I wrote my first poems at age Please let the South Africans not propagate their lack of morals round the continent. They should stop deceiving us. SA was industralised long b4 Nyja ever had an automated factory so why can't they gather people that can add value to Africa. I like my soaps as much as the next person but every good soap has more than sex and smoking going for it. The only thing that makes me hang on to BBA is cos I love intrigues, betrayals, shockers and loyalty.

But let them add some value abeg. I am saying Melvin is not a player and is not being real. Even if for everything in the world he is not interested in a relationship he is not even engaging at all and yes I mean with the ladies, nothing nada zilch.

oneal and maria nepembe dating

Instead they are chasing him around, please please please wendull had four votes if it was a one winner thing he would not win it at all. Haba, dillish would have the blood of many men running, at least show us that if not for circumstances eh If Sulu gets to the final, it will be the first time I'll ever vote on the show. In my humble opinion, he is doing the hardest thing on the show, i.


Even Melvin dey form! I also want to remind all those looking for sexxx, especially uncle forkadict. Remember it was Talia who was the favourite to win last season, but after she let Keagan knack her, everyone including uncle forkadict, then Campaign manager, teamTalia NL abandoned her and till today she's still called prosti. Also, Ofunneka and the watergate scandal the reason we in Naija have to apply to get BBA, and everyone has to pay for adult content was her end, the reason Richard won.

Only 2 people have straffe and won in all 8 seasons- Richard and Keagan. The day Melvin 'goes down low' with any babe in that house will mark his end, Kevin didn't have to knack to win, neither did Uti or Karen, no be Melvin go spoil our good name You forgot Ricco.

Having sex won't necessarily help you, but it also won't harm your chances either unless you are female, then no way you will win Re: I agree it's not all about sex and I want Melvin to do well on the show but if he is evicted today, what will he be remembered for?

And i bet you,if melvin wasnt Nigerian,you guys will absolutely have no problem with him. You guys will be saying stuffs like "That melvin dude is cool,mature and girls also like him".

You guys should just admit that you aint happy with him cos he hasnt had sex yet,shikena. See people like bimp,hakeem,oneal and bolt,elikem but na only melvin una beef sensor fit scan. Na sex be everything? Bolt wanted her but she didnt want him The bumps on elikem's head alone is more than enough to cover all the pot holes on our fedral roads not to even mention the ones on his body and intestine.

Elikem has the dirtiest skin so far in the history of BBA,true talk. Have you noticed that most of the time he spends with pokello,she ends up rubbing one ointment or the other to heal those ugly bumps that have choosen his body as their home. Imagine bolt of all people dissing someone. Bolt is a zebra with all those stretch mrks on his body and at the same time,he looks like an adult hippo.