Leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

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leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

Apr 15, Leo and Satan play some Video Games. Sort By: Date Score · issapepic Leo & Satan Theme - Original Song. PLAY Leo & Satan II. Leo & Satan is an online cartoon series created by Chris O'Neill and Sean Kiely. Selling very quickly, get one right here > stirim.info and-satanpack-pin-set . Alyssa Payne Ok story time a couple years ago I was dating this guy Alec. .. stirim.info Jun 1, Leo & Satan Theme - Original Sort By: Date Score · Damian-jamerson Leo & Satan II Leo & Satan III Waiting for Leo and Satan.

Leo and Satan - Sugar Trip - Oney Cartoons

He reads in his spare time, and gives people advice or pointers when he thinks they need it. Daisuke is always there to help Erin out with anything she needs, no matter what.

leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

He also tends to hide his emotions, and is rarely seen smiling. A skilled fighter is self defense, he tries to avoid getting in fights as much as possible, and challenges very few people to a match.

Chris O'Neill

This character is Erin. She was eleven years old in the beginning of the show. She wears blue glasses until she turns When she was younger she was picked on for a few reasons, the only person who befriended her was Daisuke. He helps her out in many more situations than this though for example, when her glasses broke in school, he became her eyes for a day She has really liked him for a long time, but she was never sure if he felt the same way about her mainly due to him hardly showing emotions, and him saying there are more important things to worry about than dating and so on.

Erin has made it clear she likes him some times, and has even told him she wants to be more than his friend but she doesn't sat that until they're both years old. Erin's relationship with her sister, and mother are not really good ones, as her mother works really on most days, and her sister would be out "having fun" i.

leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

She has never met her dad either. There are a lot of unique animators on YouTube, there are also ones that are incredibly similar in style mainly because most of the bigger animators on YouTube are all friends who tend to all do voice acting in the animations. Oneyng was one of the original Newgrounds animator, all those guys made the style that most animators would attempt to replicate for years after it.

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What made his style unique was the way he drew faces and facial expressions; These facial expressions, couples with the voice acting that went along with it, made Oneys animations incredibly unique and funny.

He used his facial expressions that were constantly shifting, to get his humour.

leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

But the sillier you start making the animation style, the more stupid the content of the animation has to be. Which is is no way a bad thing, and completely works in this case.

leo and satan 2 newgrounds dating

Dragonball P This is a parody cartoon of the anime Dragonball Z. Wingardium Leviosa This is a parody animation of Harry Potter, with a particular parody of a certain scene in the first Harry Potter movie. In my opinion, this video is what really established his style and what he was going for, plus the voice acting and content is something that me and mister like to reference a lot between ourselves.

Leo & Satan

Leo and Satan — Sugar Trip Around the same time as the Dragonball parody videos, Oney also had another series happening which i think had about 5 or 6 episodes. Sugar fo yo pancakes. So if you like what you saw if you watched them please remember to give them a sub or a like on YouTube, the more likes they get the more YouTube will show them off.