Kate weatherhead and andrew keenan bolger dating

Seth Rudetsky ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City, Plus Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger. By Seth. A show-stopping series about life in the spotlight from Broadway actors and internet sensations Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead Twelve-year- old. A show-stopping middle-grade series about life in and out of the spotlight from Broadway stars and Internet sensations Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate.

Usually, when I watch a show that's just started performances, I have anxiety from the anxiety of the people onstage who are constantly thinking "I don't know what's next" aka, the first two weeks of my show Disaster! Well, the only anxiety I felt was because all the kids have inch waists and I had just bought an enormous package of trail mix that was supposed to last me the entire day, but I had finished all 20 grams of fat by the time I was in baggage claim.

My point is, these kids were as confident as if they'd been doing the show since the '96 revival began. I told the kids they needed to get a union but, of course, they love rehearsing non-stop and would actually prefer a hour-a-day schedule. It was one of those shows where there were different levels of talent on the stage, but everyone was at the same level of commitment.

I had tears in my eyes more than once throughout the show because I kept getting that feeling I get when something is really theatrical, like everyone hitting a sassy pose on the button of a song at the same time.

Kate weatherhead and andrew keenan-bolger dating

That's right, no pre-recorded music which many theatre groups use, no "piano, bass and drums" to cut down on costs. Whatever the original Broadway show used, they use. So, how come when shows are revived on Broadway, half the orchestra is usually cut? Why does Kansas City realize how much better a full orchestra sounds?

I began the week by playing for Colleen Ballinger's alter ego, Miranda. She's the "youtube sensation" who is a horrific singer but thinks she's amazing. And when I say sensation, I mean it. She has hundreds of thousands of views. Her concert was hilarious, and featured Adam Pascalwho, as usual, sounded great.

Miranda joined him in a duet of "Light My Candle" from Rent and there were so many amazing moments.

Kate Weatherhead And Andrew Keenan-bolger Dating

Because Miranda "doesn't say bad words" she wound up singing "They say that I have the best tush below 14th Street. Watch my recent favorite Miranda video. The pilot ended with me singing a song I wrote about a clip from Judge Glenda Hatchett's show, where she told a defendant, "So what if you paid child support! I got a list of all the highlights from this season plus a DVD of the newest episode, which I watched with Juli. After watching, Juli's comment was, "They remind me of the girls at my school" the girls at her school are 11 years old.

Regardless, I wrote a whole song and had the best time singing it. My fave lyric was about Heather: And Heather stole my gig as the first O. My launch for SethTV. I'm still adding performers for the benefit, which is called Not Since High School and features Broadway folk recreating roles they did when they were kids.

I asked Andrea Martin to recreate her role from South Pacific which she played when she was a teen and she emailed back right away with, "Count me in. Then I emailed Joe Mantello and asked him to do the number he sang in his high school production of Godspell. His email response was slightly different than Andrea's.

After addressing me in the email as "Oprah" based on the fact that I'm starting my own networkhis answer was summed up in three "sentences": He did say that even if I were able to talk him into it, he's in rehearsal at that time, so he couldn't do it. Penny — getting back into the auditioning "game" — is down on her luck with both theatre and relationships, until she meets Aaron Fontana. They usually function as a hat-tip to the gay community and are limited to a few sassy lines per episode.

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Q&A With Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead: What Is Your Favorite Broadway Musical?

Sep 30, The trials and tribulations of life in the world of theatre are being materialized on computer screens. Watch the star-studded Season Two finale, "Another Interruption": Admittedly, I do live in a bit of a gay bubble. The second season continued to follow Penny, who returned abruptly from the tour of Mean Girls the musical — because she broke her vagina in a harness malfunction — and is still pursuing her casting friend Tim to get her seen for Iron Dog, a play that will open in Boston before transferring to Broadway.

Perhaps our Web show is unique. Keenan-Bolger and Wetherhead have added a production staff, which currently includes locations manager Julie Boardman, producer Jeff Croiter, sound editor and mixing engineer Michael Croitercoordinating producer Neal Hunter Hyde, talent manager and producer Jen Namoff, staff writer Lizz Suggs and Adam Wachter, who provides original music.

I thought we were just trying to write compelling characters. It never occurred to me to make a web series, but sometimes when someone says something in the right moment, it makes sense. The New York theater scene has a far higher density of out gay men than, say, professional hockey does. It seemed only natural that a show about friends working in the theater community should feature a mostly gay cast of characters.

We had zero dollars [and] limited resources, with the exception of actors, which we knew we could get a lot of — based on mutual friends and their friends.