Iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

Jo Jung Suk to Tie The Knot with Long-time Girlfriend Gummy | ONE

iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

IU & Jo Jung Suk You're Awesome, Asian Actors, Korean Actors, . See more. IU and Jo Jung Suk go on an amusement park date | stirim.info Cho. The moment viewers have been waiting for has finally arrived when IU and Jo Jung Suk shared their first kiss!On the July 20 episode of 'You're. After working together for half of a year-and filming some sweet kissing scenes- it's not surprising that actor Jo Jung Suk can't stop talking about.

I suggest you all enlarge your screens right now. For some, the actual kiss may seem quite chaste, but the way the kiss starts and what happens as the kiss ends are actually quite intimate. I've mentioned this many times before, but imagine if you will, being IU, and feeling JJS' thumb grazing your chin as he kisses you.

I don't know about you guys, but I melt every time I watch that part.

iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

This is actually one of my favorite moments in the scene. People tend to feel most vulnerable right after a kiss, at least for individuals who are new to a relationship, or at least new to this level of intimacy with another person. Looking into the eyes of your partner right after kissing him or her is not an easy feat for most because you're at a point when you're completely wide open with nowhere to hide.

And as AnsOlga has told us many times, the eyes are the windows to your soul. Let's not forget that this is her first lead role and her very first, REAL onscreen kiss. We can assume that both he and the PD discussed the scene with IU prior to their takes, walking through each moment and gesture step-by-step.

She finally breaks her gaze, looking to the right towards his shoulder. She later meets Seo Jin-wook Jung Wooa neighborhood baker, who shows her consideration and gentleness and helps heal her wounds. Meanwhile, Soon-shin has no idea that she was adopted. She continues to take acting lessons from Mi-ryung, which upsets her family.

iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

They have difficulty understanding why Chang-hoon would be unfaithful. Watching Soon-shin do everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress, Joon-ho looks back on his career and finds himself changing as he discovers the true meaning of success. When Mi-ryung later discovers that Soon-shin is Chang-hoon's daughter, she immediately tries to destroy her career.

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Mi-ryung also informs her that she was merely a pawn in Joon-ho's bet, upsetting Soon-shin who decides to quit. Unwilling to admit his romantic feelings for her, but genuinely concerned for her welfare, Joon-ho is determined make Soon-shin return to acting, which she once said made her happy.

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After she rejoins Gabi Entertainment, Soon-shin also realizes that she likes Joon-ho and they begin dating. After breaking off their mentoring relationship, Soon-shin eventually finds out that Mi-ryung is her birth mother.

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She refuses to live with her, despite facing difficulty with her adoptive family. Soon-shin only agrees to stay at Mi-ryung's house to keep reporters away from her adoptive family. Upset at Soon-shin's coldness, Mi-ryung tells Soon-shin that Chang-hoon isn't her birth father, so she has no reason to go back to her adoptive family. Soon-shin keeps her paternity a secret from her adoptive family and, in the meantime, lives with Mi-ryung while she and Joon-ho work on her acting debut.

After witnessing firsthand Mi-ryung's pitiful and lonely life, Soon-shin starts showing kindness to her birth mother. Mi-ryung values the relationship she's building with Soon-shin and is determined that nothing will ruin it. But after Soon-shin overhears in a conversation that her father Chang-hoon died while saving Mi-ryung, she runs away and Jung-ae takes her home.

Soon-shin tells Mi-ryung that if she wants her forgiveness, she must beg her family for it, and help find the suspect by coming forward as a witness.

Mi-ryung refuses to do it, saying that fame is all she has. After a change of heart, Mi-ryung tells Shin Dong-hyuk, Joon-ho's father, to take his car's black box to the police since it recorded what happened the night of the accident. Both Mi-ryung and Soon-shin's careers are jeopardized after the news goes public. Eventually Mi-ryung tells the press the truth in order to take responsibility and retires from acting. The hit and run driver is arrested and jailed.

As the drama closes, Mi-ryung is living a peaceful life in a remote area. After Mi-ryung watches Soon-shin's new stage play, she makes a tentative gesture of reconciliation by thanking her and calling her "Mom" for the first time. Hye-shin is dating Jin-wook with Woo-joo's blessing, Yoo-shin and Chan-woo are preparing for the birth of their first child, and Soon-shin films her first movie with Joon-ho.

He is planning on proposing to her.

iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

Jung-ae narrates these last few minutes and says goodbye to her late husband. After their father's death, the three sisters have grown as individuals through enduring hardships as a family.

They come to realize that the most precious things in life can be found within oneself, and happiness is a blessing that comes to the courageous few who have high self-esteem and take charge of their own lives. Being poor is okay, not being first is okay, and not being in the spotlight is okay. It is okay to be happy with just the way you are. Her name also carries the connotation of believing in oneself in adversity. This, however, is an atypical name for a girl. Soon-shin lives in the shadow of her better-looking, and smarter sisters.

She gets poor grades, isn't very pretty, is short, and isn't particularly good at anything. She can become overly emotional and is tender-hearted, frequently falling victim to scams, though her good nature means that she brushes off her older sister Yoo-shin's barbs with spunk and humor.

When the show starts, Soon-shin is taking a few years off from college, on the pretext of looking for a job. In reality, she is still deciding what she wants to do with her life. When she starts acting, her bright personality and natural talent starts attracting positive attention from audiences and industry veterans. As the son of a famous dermatologist in Seoul, Joon-ho had a privileged childhood, but always felt pressured to become a doctor, like his father.

In high school, he secretly formed a band, but was later found out by his father and sent to America. There, he majored in commercial music. On graduation, he came back to Korea and released an album, which was a moderate success. His music career caused him to sever ties with his father. At the time, his girlfriend was actress Choi Yeon-ah. The two had quickly fallen in love, but when the failure of his second album plunged him into a deep slump, they soon split up.

Joon-ho later recovered, setting up a management agency. He successfully debuted two hot idol bands in just a few years and started to emerge as rising star in show business. Joon-ho is suave, exacting, and serious, though he is sometimes awkward. In response to Yeon-ah's challenge, he will groom Soon-shin to become a star, though he begins to understand the real meaning of success through Soon-shin. Go Doo-shim - Kim Jeong-ae Mother of Hye-shin, Yoo-shin, and Soon-shin, she has lived her life as a dedicated wife, mother, and daughter-in-law.

Jung-ae does not have much, but she has raised her three daughters as best as she can. Her eldest daughter is smart, demure and pretty, and she married a successful fund manager. She now lives in Hong Kong. The assertive, second daughter is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. Her youngest, Soon-shin, always gets into trouble. She has no goal in life and no talent. Compared to her sisters, Soon-shin lacks both the looks and the brains.

Jung-ae swears that she spared nothing in raising Soon-shin, but does not know what went wrong. However, she is aware that Soon-shin takes after her. Although much older, and not as hot as before, she can still command quite a presence as a diva. She made her TV debut in her late twenties, after playing bit parts on stage for a long time.

iu and jo jung suk dating quotes

Her debut piece shot her straight to the top where she has stayed all this time. Mi-ryung has had several love affairs, but has never married.

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Her private life is a closely guarded secret, as she believes that an actress must remain mysterious. All her audience knows of her personal history is that her parents were teachers. Mi-ryung discovers Soon-shin's potential and takes her under her wing. She later finds out that she has a secret connection to Soon-shin's mother.

Yoo In-na - Lee Yoo-shin [7] Soon-shin's second oldest sister is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand.

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She is quite capable, outspoken, and sharp, yet somewhat incapable and lazy at doing housework. She excels at everything — sports, arts, even dating, as well as yogaher long-time passion. Her interest lies in nature and spirituality. She is a vegetarian and passionate environmental activist.

She is also full of contradictions. She cannot bear to lose and does not tolerate being overlooked, but still preaches tolerance and healing whenever she has a chance.

She feels that her parents always loved Hye-shin and Soon-shin more than her. Then what am I? Why was I born? Her self-worth was defined when, at age nine, she and Soon-shin played with matches and set fire to the kitchen. Her mother ran into the fire and saved Soon-shin first, leaving Yoo-shin traumatized for life. She has resented Soon-shin ever since.

But after learning that Soon-shin was conned by a swindler, she started to look after her. She begins to date Chan-woo, however with a contract that will control their actions. But as time passes, they find that they really love each other and later get married. Son Tae-young - Lee Hye-shin [8] Soon-shin's eldest sister Hye-shin is beautiful, smart, elegant, and lady-like. She was always the most popular girl in school. Her life was a series of highlights and she was the apple of her parents' eyes.

After graduating from a top university, she was on the fast track to a professional career at a multinational company.