Humble the poet and superwoman dating games

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humble the poet and superwoman dating games

Born in , Famously known as superwoman, Lilly is a gem She lives alone, while her BFF's "Humble the Poet" and "Hey Nata" are. Humble the poet and superwoman dating divas who is camellia kath dating simulator the dating game theme song mp3 don't settle for less dating hyomin lee . Kanwer Singh (known as Humble The Poet) is a friend of Lilly Singh and is an elementary school teacher, Toronto bred MC/Spoken Word Artist, rapper, and.

From social media to daily life, Lilly shares her day to day life musings to all her fans. An Inspiration to Look for Waking up with the warm smile, with hair undone baggy eyes.

Lilly shows herself up like she is. Dancing and singing and saying her to do the list of a day to her fans Lilly gives herself points for doing all the assigned task and deducts it too if she stays out of it. She shares her lifestyle as it is to her fans via her Lilly Vlogs. Like a family from all around the world.

From 12M to 1. While today she has 12M YouTube subscribers and 1. Lily earned her subscribers through her passion and hard work who believes working hard is the key. A post shared by Lilly Singh iisuperwomanii on Aug 10, at 8: Also, the You Tuber has launched her own makeup line of lipstick branded as "Bawse". Lilly has created a phenomenally successful career.

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She lives in her own apartment which has a personal terrace and a Jacuzzi. The mysterious Asian girl has proudly said that she's single in her YouTube videos. She is happily single and questions about her relationship status on her YouTube channel. The You Tuber smartly says the reason she's single, while she gives fewer chances to others to interfere in her personal life.

Lilly's life Living in a single apartment, out of her home town Toronto, Canada. It's hard not to break the population down by gender, location, ethnic background, accessibility, economic class. It's their honest, emotion-grabbing approach to content that has allowed them to turn a passive audience into a cult following. Leave that to Kris Humphries. Our interview was scheduled at 1 p. We were talked out, danced out, and well, overall tired.

Superwoman and Humble the Poet’s #IVIVI Music Video Celebrates Toronto’s Diversity

How did this all begin? So we hung out together for a week as she helped me with my video shoot Superwoman: Please insert here that I'm a very good friend [laughs] HP: A very very good friend! And when we talk, I always respond by saying "Leh" [in Punjab it's a common phrase roughly comparable to "whatevs"]. And she had the idea that we should make a song called "Leh".

I have to say that I do this a lot. A friend will be talking about something, and I'll always say, we should do something about this. Or we should make a video about this. It never really happens. This actually happened because Humble actually followed up.

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So why did you follow up? I thought it was a wonderful idea. Not everybody gets to collaborate with her. There were a bunch of firsts in making this: Superwoman, you've taken a big step into the music scene, Humble into music for the masses. Was the collaboration an equal one?

Well, yeah, I wrote my verses. In terms of writing, Humble wrote his verses as well as the hook, which is the best part of the song. In terms of workload, I do feel at times, he did more work than me. I think when you look at this holistically; in the long term you're going to see all of the exposure the track garnered came from Superwoman. At this point she doesn't have to do anything but tweet the track once released, and it picks up.

That's a result of three years of groundwork, which I think is incredible. The analogy I think is that she's the gun and I'm the bullet.

We'll constantly be looking at what we both can bring to the table where she excels in certain departments and I excel in others.

humble the poet and superwoman dating games

What did each of you bring to the collaboration? I think I brought the experience; Superwoman is a ridiculously talented content creator who posts constantly, although the medium is extremely different. If one of her videos doesn't get a lot of views, she can redeem herself in the next. There's just not as much pressure in YouTube production as when you're releasing a musical track. In music, you put out a song and it's going to get played over and over and over again, so you have to make sure it is everything it can be.


I know the video platform so so so well. I know the perfect mixture of how comedic a piece has to be, what the video has to be like, what the song has to sound like, to make it successful. There was no head butting. She knew what her fans were going to like and we worked from there. We were able to look at the context. It really felt like the labor was perfectly divided. This project is unique. There were no record producers, radio stations, anything that supports you in a traditional way yet it was very successful.

Do you think there's a new model coming into being in terms of artistic production? Independent content these days can be more successful than previously because of the power of social media.

However, there are still systems in place to make sure independent artists don't get as far as signed ones. I was confident because of my past experiences with everything that I do, we would be able to tweet radio stations and they would get bombarded with tweets to play our song, but clearly, it doesn't work like that.

You still need x amount of money, x amount of people behind you and a record label to have your song on the radio, in North America at least. And we've been into countless meetings where they've told us that it doesn't matter how many hits you get, if you're not with a record label, radio will not play your song.

In other parts of the world, we have been on mainstream radio stations. This track has been overwhelming all over the world, and even with my colleagues in the YouTube community, they've really showed their support and have shared it. But there are definitely some obstacles in terms of the traditional.

Of course if you said this 20 years ago, you had none of the resources we do today to distribute your song. If you wanted to have the world hear your music, you could only play at smaller clubs and salons.

Internet became that equalizer. But still, a lot of us tech folks lose sight of how powerful traditional media still is.

humble the poet and superwoman dating games

Our generation still places a higher value on television than on YouTube.