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All three members were Chinese, and their problems arose primarily from their own desire to work outside of the confines of their original contracts, in a way more suited to the Chinese market. In some cases, this meant solo singles or acting. In others, this meant cosmetic endorsements. But to SM Entertainment, who had signed all three artists to an exclusive contract, it meant a conflict of interest.

As news of discord came out, all three members' activities were quietly put to a halt, until they eventually left the group entirely. As lawsuits traded hands back and forth, fans were reminded of a nearly identical situation several years prior: That was, of course, former Super Junior member Hangeng.

Although his split from SM brought the label's infamous ten-plus year contracts to the attention of the public, the damage was done; he has not promoted in Korea since that time, a fate often shared by SM Entertainment's ex-artists. Hangeng isn't the only former SM Town resident that's had issues with contract length, and the dearly departed members of EXO weren't alone in their quest for more activity options.

This was no small feat - the group was perhaps SM Entertainment's biggest success story of all time alongside BoA, and their turmoil bubbled over during a stretch of Japanese promotions in which the group dominated both the charts and media air space. What is certain is that the group began experiencing troubles sometime after cosmetic company CreBeau sought to ink an endorsement deal. When this wasn't allowed to happen, it was used as an opportunity for the several members to bring other problems to the table.

As did Hangeng, the group that went on to become JYJ raised concerns about the length and format of their artist contracts. In this case, TVXQ was allegedly held to a year exclusive contract, with many stipulations requiring performances or labor even in the absence of compensation.

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Despite massive sales, the projects bore the stamp of another signature SM Entertainment technique: JYJ, just like H. T-expats JTL before them, were blocked from appearances in music shows, advertisements, and the K-Pop scene at large.

SM Entertainment extended their influence and power in a way that was designed to directly disadvantage others and punish them for speaking out. There's no doubting that this collection of incidents paired with the departures of artists like Jessica paints SM Entertainment in an unflattering light.

In terms of both business and artist relations, fans and onlookers alike are left with some tough questions about what exactly it is they're supporting. Although the spotlight often ends up on SM since they're one of the biggest K-pop labels, this kind of ethical shadiness is present all around K-pop.

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[OP-ED] f(x)'s Amber and Super Junior-M's Henry Remind Us of SM Entertainment's Dark Side

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