George lopez dubya dad and dating cast

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george lopez dubya dad and dating cast

With George Lopez, Constance Marie, Masiela Lusha, Luis Armand Garcia. George Dubya, Dad and Dating: Part 2 Poster Rest of cast listed alphabetically. In this two-part episode, George is thrilled to learn that President Bush will be Benny admits to Angie that she is secretly dating a slightly younger co-worker, Randy, though has not yet told George, . Cast, George Lopez; Constance Marie . "George Lopez" Dubya, Dad and Dating: Part 2 (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

In one episode, Angie is about to stop Carmen from being bullied by sending the school a "strongly worded letter". She drops that idea and marches straight to the school to confront the counselor upon learning that Carmen got into a fight.

Dubya, Dad and Dating

When my baby's hurt, I go medieval! I just saw Zack and I stopped him good! Jason is probably supposed to be a parody. When George and Angie grill him after Carmen brings him home, it is revealed that he is a straight-A athlete on the debate team who spends his afternoons helping his disabled brother. By the end, he slides into more of a Broken Acesince it's revealed that he's abusing steroids to compete in sports because he's so desperate for his emotionally-distant father's approval.

An Aesop that appears in several episodes that deal with George's childhood. Yeah he grew up poor, abused, neglected, suffered from learning disabilities and was left with a lot of issues. However, George gained a lot of lessons from it which he applies throughout the series.

It gave him the nerve to ask Angie out, he has proven more responsible than many of the other adults, and he's a lot better off than Ernie or his half-brother, who had good parents.

After this, George then realizes not only his daughter is pregnant, but also is his wife and his mother.

george lopez dubya dad and dating cast

Then, his son Max walks into the room with a large belly as well. After asking his father, " Where is this going to come out? In a completely different way, George was wearing a seahorse hat at Carmen's quinceanera. In two separate episodes George eats a Tequila Worm in a moment of absent-mindedness and trips out. The first time it happens, George switches lives with Ernie, becoming the hopeless factory grunt while Ernie is the popular manager married to Angie.

In the second, George imagines that he and Ernie are gay lovers who are about to be Wed. Both dreams end in a very surreal moment of Vic dressed as a worm doing a bizarre dance. Parodied in at least one episode. George keeps getting tired of his stories so he asks him to skip to the last line of the story, which are typically Brick Jokesin addition to Noodle Incidents. My father paid the girl with a chicken. From "Max Big Adventure" Benny: Here is my list of people I don't want in the carpool: The reason being that Lilly doesn't have anything nice to say about anybody.

George and Angie apparently had a very memorable "trip to the lake" that is mentioned in several episodes. Another time Angie once told George never to describe his house as his castle.

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George mentions the last time the workers came back to the factory drunk; George: Running of the forklifts was fun, but I think we all agree it should have been an outdoor game.

Benny threw her gun, "Harriet," off the Hoover dam to get rid of the evidence. When Benny is on trial for a crime she committed 30 years ago, the jury already reached a verdict before they made it to the jury room. George has been established multiple times to firmly believe that you can and should do whatever you can get away with as long as you can properly cover it up.

george lopez dubya dad and dating cast

Realizing that Bush left his speech on the podium, George decides to steal it as a "souvenir," though Ernie frets that they will get into serious trouble for doing so. At home, George angrily grounds Carmen for a month, though she defiantly states that she "obeyed her conscience," and everyone is shocked when the Secret Service arrives in search of the speech, claiming that taking it is in fact a felony.

George assures a worried Angie that no one else knows of his actions — except for the loudmouthed Ernie. Ernie swears that he has not spilled the beans, but a fearful George immediately confesses his crime when the police arrive — though they then arrest him not for taking the speech, but for punching his father Manny during their heated encounter in Phoenix.

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Angie panics when George calls her from jail and admits that he might be extradited to Arizona, but Manny then arrives and explains that he pressed charges just so that he could find and talk to George. He admits that he was wrong to leave years ago and asks to be allowed into his son's life, and George struggles with deciding whether or not to forgive him.

But George shows he can take care of his George Feb 26 - George and Angie want a loan for Carmen's schooling, but they find out they have bad credit when they go to the bank.

george lopez dubya dad and dating cast

He says that can't be right, but he finds out that it actually is another Afraid that a certain employee's ethnic background will hinder the company's He meets Lalo - whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George But George's difficult personal journey becomes a family George and Angie want to repair the damage, but school counselor Tommy, who knew George Upset about her upcoming divorce and jealous of her sister's marriage to a When Max hars this, he pulls aposter off his wall to reaveal a hole.

He looks through but Carmen sees him and sprays Oct 02 - George bumps into his long lost Aunt Cecilia who informs him that his father, who his mom has always insisted was dead, is still alive.

george lopez dubya dad and dating cast

After drawing the truth from Benny, George conjures up