Emily osment and mitchell musso dating 2012 presidential candidates

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emily osment and mitchell musso dating 2012 presidential candidates

Emily Osment (pictured with Mitchel Musso and Cyrus in an episode . following Hannah Montana, Musso (pictured here at a party in ). Mitchel Musso Emily Osment @ Dinner. By on April 15, Aqa1puNCIAAyp2r. On Friday. Thx Ronnie!?Share. Emily Jordan Osment (born March 10, ) is an American actress, singer and songwriter. . She and Musso performed a sketch based on a Hannah Montana episode. version of the song "If I Didn't Have You" with Mitchel Musso for the DisneyMania 6 CD. – All the Right Wrongs and Fight or Flight[edit].

They had two children together, son Braison and daughter Noah. From previous relationships, her mother has two children, Trace and Brandi, while her father has a son named Christopher. While working on Hannah Montana, she enrolled at Options for Youth Charter Schools, raised a Christian, she was baptized in a Southern Baptist church before moving to Hollywood in She attended church regularly while growing up and wore a purity ring, inwhen Cyrus was eight, she and her family moved to Toronto, Canada while her father filmed the television series Doc.

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She also starred as Cassie in R. According to an interview at the Grammys, she was writing songs together with Eve 6. She was raised as a Roman Catholic and her father has appeared in various films, including her movie Soccer Mom, and her older brother is Academy Award-nominated actor Haley Joel Osment. Osments entry into the entertainment industry began inwhen she was cast in a commercial for flower delivery company FTD. From there she went on to feature in commercials, after which she made her acting debut in the film The Secret Life of Girls, starring Eugene Levy.

Since then, she has gone on to do a number of roles, such as appearances on shows like Touched by an Angel, Friends. The series premiere scored record ratings for the Disney Channel with 5. In latethe signed a recording contract with Columbia Records. The band is best known for the Top 10 Billboard hit single Shake It from the groups self-titled debut album, intension between Cyrus and Musso caused the band to go on hiatus.

In the band returned, however it was announced that Cyrus was no longer a part of the group, an EP entitled Middle of the Night was released inwhich was led by the single Every Time I Touch You. The band is described as a scene pop band due to the members sense of fashion. InMason Musso and Trace Cyrus agreed to meet on the set of Hannah Montana, which starred Masons brother, Mitchel, sharing musical interests, they decided to form a band.

Shortly thereafter, Cyrus recruited Blake Healy from Synthetic Joy as a keyboardist, synthesist, Cyrus remained the singer and the lead guitarist. Musso became the main singer and rhythm guitarist. Metro Station soon gained the attention of drummer Anthony Improgo, who was added as the drummer after the group released the song Seventeen Forever on its MySpace Music website.

Musso sang lead on the track, The groups popularity on MySpace Music grew, Metro Station was discovered by an intern working for Columbia Records Walking Eye program, while looking through the MySpace Music charts, and the group was signed shortly thereafter. In the July issue of music magazine Alternative Press, Metro Station was listed as one of the 22 Best Underground Bands, the band released its self-titled debut studio album in September The album had two singles released, Kelsey and Control, although both singles failed to make the charts, with higher sales of the album both became more popular.

It wasnt until mid, after the release of the single Shake It, that the received a significant amount of commercial exposure.

emily osment and mitchell musso dating 2012 presidential candidates

The song peaked at No. The success of the song also affected sales, the album charting nine months later in at No. Musso retained his connections to the Metro Station name, while Cyrus began a project he named Ashland High 9. Its membership is the largest of the three BSA divisions, Cub Scouting is part of the worldwide Scouting movement and aims to promote character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

As early asErnest Thompson Seton had developed a program he named Cub Scouts of America that was never implemented. In spite of this, unofficial programs for boys started around this time. West encouraged the formation of the Boy Rangers of America, an organization for boys eight through twelve based on an American Indian theme.

Webelos was also an acronym meaning Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout, the initial rank structure was Wolf, Bear and Lion, with ages of 9,10 and Dens of six to eight Cubs were entirely led by a Boy Scout holding the position of den chief, the Aims of Cub Scouting are the same as the other divisions—build character, learn the responsibilities of citizenship, and develop personal fitness. The Cub Scout helps the pack go, the pack helps the Cub Scout grow.

The Cub Scout salute is used when saluting the flag of the United States, the handshake is used as a token of friendship and identity. The Cub Scout pack is sponsored by a community such as a business, service organization, school. The chartered organization is responsible for selecting leadership, providing a meeting place, the chartered organization representative is the liaison between the pack, the chartered organization, and the BSA The Last Airbender — Avatar, The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from to The show combines the styles of anime and American cartoons, and relies on the imagery of various East Asian, Inuit, Southeast Asian, South Asian, therefore, whether or not the series can be considered as an anime work is often discussed.

The series follows the adventures of protagonist twelve-year-old Aang and his friends, the pilot episode first aired on February 21, and the series concluded with a widely praised two-hour episode on July 19, Praises went to the art direction, humor, cultural references, characters and it was also commercially successful, garnering 5. The series has been nominated for and won awards from the Annie Awards, the Genesis Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, the first seasons success prompted Nickelodeon to order second and third seasons.

An art book was released in mid A sequel series, The Legend of Korra, aired from toAvatar, The Last Airbender takes place in a world that is home to humans and hybrid animals, adjacent to a parallel Spirit World.

Where are the Hannah Montana stars now?

Human civilization is divided into four nations, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, each has a distinct society, wherein people known as benders have the ability to manipulate and control the element of their nation using the physical motions of martial arts. At any given time, only one person in the world is capable of bending all four elements, the Avatar.

When the Avatar dies, the Avatar spirit is reincarnated into the one of the four nations in the Avatar Cycle. An Avatar incarnation is born male or female, and is required to master each bending art in order from the age of sixteen.

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Hannah Montana[ edit ] Osment at Hannah Montana: The series premiere scored record ratings for the Disney Channel with 5. In addition, Osment helped to design some of the pieces from the collection of clothing Hannah Montana Disney, which released the last part in the summer of Don't Think About Itfor which they made a music video.

She and Musso performed a sketch based on a Hannah Montana episode. Osment also had a voice-over role in a movie called Holidaze: She also starred as a goth in R.

emily osment and mitchell musso dating 2012 presidential candidates

Stine 's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It. The song was produced by Bryan Todd. The two also filmed a music video for their remake. In she starred in the film Soccer Momand was ranked on No.

Should Emily Osment Date Mitchell Musso?

The song debuted at No. The EP peaked at No. I listen to a lot of Alanis Morissette, I kind of got inspired from her and her song "Jagged Little Pill" …There's a lot of edge to Emily's album …I love hearing the guitars and the drums in the songs". It failed to make an impact on any charts, but enjoyed some success on Radio Disney. Originally, "You Are the Only One" was intended to be released as the lead single from the album, but was dropped due to Osment wanting to release "All the Way Up" instead.

Due to the strong digital downloads the song received, the song debuted at No. Sticking mainly to Disney Channel shows following Hannah Montana, Musso pictured here at a party in has had roles in the animated series Phineas and Ferb and in Pair of Kings. Mum's the Word and been filming for its sequel, Flower Shop Mystery: Brooke Shields, 50, had already made a name for herself through her acting and modelling before she was cast as Miley's late mother in Hannah Montana Since the show ended she's played roles in a number of TV shows and mildly successful films including The Middle, Chalet Girl and The Greening of Whitney Brown In an interview on the Today show inShields weighed in on Cyrus' controversial VMA performance with Robin Thicke.

A shirtless Arias was sitting up, leaned against the wall, while Willow was lying down on her side in front of him. Arias quickly deleted the image, but not before hundreds of his fans reposted it via various social media channels. It's not clear whether perhaps Arias took the picture, or Kendall simply thought he would appreciate the artistic nature of the snap, as his Instagram contains a plethora of moody black and white posts.