Create a slogan with hiv aids prevention dating and love

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create a slogan with hiv aids prevention dating and love

World aids day is celebrated on 1st of December. Find History, Theme, Activities performed, Objectives, Slogans, Quotes and Messages of world aids day. Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society organised an 'AIDS Awareness Rally' for the World Aids Day campaign was, “AIDS: Men Make a Difference”. by Justine Robillard, Creative Media Specialist for the National Resource Center . can help identify policy solutions that can make a significant positive difference .• For Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month (Teen DV Month), our youth to embark on a self-love journey and to find their “self-care slogan. We have to talk openly about HIV and AIDS and make sure that everyone . The Love Life campaign has many different slogans that appeal to young people.

Each year on March 8th, celebrate the lived experiences and contributions of those who tirelessly demand gender, racial, economic, and social justice for all women and girls. Healthy Me, Healthy We! Storytelling reflects who we are and allows us to recapture, record, share and make meaning of our lived experiences. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Since its inception incommunities throughout the country and around the world have used this day to increase the visibility of elder abuse by raising awareness about abuse, neglect, and exploitation in later life and promoting the resources and services that work to increase victim safety and improve offender accountability.

The Power of Youth Activism Young people have the power to change our world. They can; they will; they do. Youth activism has propelled social justice movements throughout history, and today we are seeing youth taking on more issues than ever, employing a variety of creative strategies to accomplish real change.

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Empowered Youth on the Margins This February, the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence is committed to bringing the experiences and needs of teens from marginalized communities to the forefront and lifting up the amazing social justice work of youth leaders on the margins.

These young people namely, Native youth, immigrants and teens in communities of color, teens with disabilities, teens who identify as LGBTQ, teens who are low-income, runaway or homeless, among others have unique experiences and their voices are critical to any meaningful conversation about preventing and responding to dating violence and to our overall goal of creating safe and healthy communities.

create a slogan with hiv aids prevention dating and love

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month The goal of this poster is to advertise the event and encourage people to participate. The design is much more playful and appropriate for people of all ages. Icons are used to illustrate the theme of the event. They also emphasize the three actions the event organizers want readers to take—to get involved, to donate, and to learn more about the event. Start by picking a template that will help communicate the goal of your poster.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a poster template: Use colid color fills for your visuals, and bold backgrounds: Taking a risk when picking a color scheme can pay off in an attention-grabbing poster design.

Sometimes, a more subdued or minimalist poster design will work better. But even in those cases, some contrasting color should be used to direct the eye towards important information. For example, this minimalist health care poster uses pops of light green draw the eye and emphasize the name of the health center being advertised: Every visual you include in your poster design should play a role in attracting attention and making information easy to understand.

World Aids Day

The image you choose should be unique. They should be picked strategically to elicit an emotional reaction from your audience. A lavender color filter gives the already cheery photo a calming effect: A good photo will typically have a light, bright color filter to give readers a happy feeling. Use no more than three different fonts This is a good rule of thumb to avoid cluttering your design when picking fonts.

Use no more than three fonts in one poster design. How to pick fonts for your posters: Pick a bold, decorative font for the poster header.

create a slogan with hiv aids prevention dating and love

Pick a simpler font with a similar style for subheaders. Pick a neat, readable font for the body text. One situation where you may want to use more than three fonts is if you make typography the central element of your poster design. For example, this music festival poster design is comprised of many different fonts.

What ties them together in a cohesive color scheme: Source Optimize your poster for print Think about where your poster will be shared—on your website? Pinned up around town? On a busy school cork board? Where you decide to pin it up can help you make a few design decisions. Do you see the difference between the two color wheels? Intricate fonts will be hard to read from far away. For example, this poster uses Paytone One, size points for the header.

The body text is sized at 24 points: