Choi young do and jo myung soo dating

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choi young do and jo myung soo dating

Park Hyung Shik as Jo Myung Soo Meanwhile, Rachel's half-brother Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) develops his own crush on Eun Sung. Korean films released in the. Choi young do jo myung soo dating this page is a collection of still photos and information about. Taeyeon de Girls Generation. And she grows up with him and Choi Young Do, becoming the closest of friends. Updated: Sep 3, - Published: Feb 10, - Cha Eun-sang, Jo Myung- soo, Choi Young-do, Yoon Chan-young Ramen Dates by bananabao reviews.

If the person has done the act, he or she has to fold a finger down. The first person who folds all five fingers first gets to drink.

Lee Bo Na us next. Young Do and Myung Soo fold. Only Cha Eun Sang folded. To get even at Young Do, she says, "Fold if you offered a girl a drink. His eyes bounce between Eun Sang and Young Do. Young Do and Eun Sang lose!

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He hands the amber liquid to the couple. They laced their arms, leaving little room between their bodies. The liquor burns the back of Cha Eun Sang's throat. She coughs as the alcohol reached her nasal chamber. Young Do looks at her for a second. Concerned, he touches the small of her back.

She totally misses the fact that the couples were giving each other looks. Forty-five minutes and three rounds later, almost everyone is drunk.

Cha Eun Sang takes the brunt of the loses: She waves at Cha Eun Sang. Next time, my treat. Myung Soo walks her to the terrace doors.

He watches as all their friends leave. Chan Young and Bo Na. Ye Sol going home to Myung Soo's. Although he never dreamt of being tied down, he admits he envies his friends and the bonds they've formed with their significant others.

She closes her eyes and rests her head against the back of the couch. Choi Young Do opens the cooler and pulls out one of the water bottles Myung Soo kept in a cooler next to their table. She down half of its contents before screwing back the lid. She hugs the bottle close to her chest before retiring to her original position.

Young Do protectively throws his arm around the back of the couch. He tugs on the band securing Cha Eun Sang's mane. The silky strands fan out against the couch. Absentmindedly, he starts playing with hair. All of a sudden, he felt nostalgic.

The bright lights on the terrace makes it hard for her to see the stars. It's hard when I still hear about his death, how he died, how Won oppa and Chan Young are trying to find closure in their own way. I don't know how to be helpful.

Then, she whispers, "How about you? For some odd reason, he cannot meet her gaze. He stops playing with her hair and stares at the sky the same way she did moments before. She pats his lap. We'll get over it, right? He is painfully conscious of her soft hand against his thigh. He finally looks her in the eyes. Young Do's breathing stops when she lunges for the hair tie and lands against him. Her hair falls against one side of her face, the ends, tickling his face in the process.

choi young do and jo myung soo dating

He isn't quite sure if it was his heartbeat or hers that seemed incredibly fast and loud against his ears. Then she stops midway through her threat and sits back up. Do you need me to hold your hair? In moments, she falls asleep. He stares at her long, thick eyelashes. His eyes gaze upon the slope of her upturned nose, and the plump lips he's been dying to taste. She looks so peaceful and delicate. All he wants to do is hold her in his arms. Myung Soo comes over a few moments later and sees her slumbering.

His voice, barely rises over a whisper. Our former classmates line up to buy her drinks. These guys are no different. I'd take her back to my place but I'm in no condition to drive myself. It's small, but it's clean," he offers. A rumble rises to his lips.

Choi young do jo myung soo dating -

She rests her head against him while his arm snakes around her waist to keep her from falling over. As they walked to the door, a snide comment is made. Huh, she's just an opportunist. The guy looks at him and smirks. She would be an easy lay. However, Cha Eun Sang laces her fingers with his and tugs.

Myung Soo waits and lets them into the private area. He deposits her wrap and purse on the shelf near the sink. Their friend did not lie. The room is small. Most of the room is taken up by the low bed with a mattress. A sink, and a closet bathroom complete the amenities. A small sconce lamp is screwed against the wall for lighting. She stumbles on to the bed, unaware of her skirt hitching higher on her thighs. Young Do suppresses a groan as he tries to shift her head closer to the headboard.

She whimpers when he takes her shoes off. Then, she rolls up against the wall. He smiles sadly as he takes the folded blanket on top of the shelf over the sink. He drapes the sheet over her tired body. His hand is on the light switch when he hears her say, "Can you stay until I fall asleep? The only way I've been able to sleep is by exhausting myself until I can't go on anymore… For once, I just don't want to be alone.

He may have drunk his fair share of alcohol but he is sober. He knows what she's asking of him is not to torture him but to help her get over the pain. But what about his? Kim Tan finds him in his dreams, too.

Would she be able to chase those monsters, too? He hears her rustle and pull the blanket aside to make space for him to slide in. Gingerly, he settles himself on the small bed, afraid of crushing her. She unfolds the blanket and covers him. She lay her head against his chest. He could smell the floral scent in her hair and the light perfume that is uniquely hers.

Again, his fingers play with her hair as she snuggles up against him. He moves his arm under the pillow and she resettles herself.

Face to face,she presses her head against his chest. Her arm drapes lightly around his waist. She tucks her right leg between his and presses her length against him. Although his more primal feelings are raging, he took deep breaths to suppress the urge.

He kisses the crown of her head the moment she is settled.

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She mutters something incoherent before her breathing becomes deep and measured. He closes his eyes, and in moments, they both fell asleep peacefully, not because they were inebriated, but because they found solace in each other.

Hours later, Choi Young Do wakes up from the best sleep he's had in over a month. Rachel wonders if they broke up because they are avoiding each other. Tan explains that he is thinkng of a way to protect himself and Eun Sang from Rachel and everyone.

Rachel sarcastically tells him to think hard and that she will cheer him on. Tan quotes her back and reminds her that it is his personal life so there is no reason for her to know.

Hyo Shin is behind Rachel and he is surprised when Rachel says that she can tell because of the ginseng smell. Hyo Shin answers that she is whenever he sees her. The spy somehow catches that and presses the button for the 20th floor. He gets out when it arrives on 20th floor and waits for a while before getting back into the lift. However Secretary Yoon is in there and asks if they have met before. Won needs to go out now so he tells him to ask him again tomorrow.

Secretary Yoon suggests Won to not meet Hyun Joo for a while if he is really meeting Hyun Joo because Papa Kim knows about their relationship and has someone to follow them.

Hyun Joo is waiting outside in the dead of the night. Secretary Yoon declares himself as neutral, someone who just gets paid. Hyun Joo is still waiting and she is holding on to her wishbone necklace.

Choi young do jo myung soo dating

Hyun Joo wonders if today is the day of their breakup and starts tearing up. A car pulls up to her and Hyo Shin comes out of the car. This prompts Hyun Joo to ask if the car he is driving is illegal. Hyo Shin says that since Hyun Joo has quit, he is not a student anymore and kisses her on her forehead.

He then bids her farewell and drives off. It is pretty normal until Esther brings up Eun Sang. Esther is surprised when Rachel tells her that Eun Sang and Tan are close. Then everyone is more surprised when Rachel asks how she could break off the engagement with Tan. Tan pulls Rachel aside to ask her about the cancellation of the engagement. Rachel tells him that she did it so that Tan can quickly realize the reality. Rachel is not is not doing it to actually break off the engagement but to see Tan clean up the mess.

Tan gets a call from his dad, meaning all of this is starting. Rachel is anticipating to see if Tan is willing to give up everything for Eun Sang. Madame Han hears it from outside and looks for Eun Sang for details.

Papa Kim is thinking that Won is right- Tan is better off in America. He says that he is doing this because Tan is different from Won and that Tan needs insurance Rachel in order to survive.

Madame Han is digging for information on Young Do and Rachel.

choi young do and jo myung soo dating

Eun Sang learns that Rachel is breaking off the engagement in this conversation. Tan comes in and Madame Han orders him to treat Rachel well in front of everyone in the camp. She tells him to stop so she can talk to him for a minute but he refuses and goes up to his room.

Eun Sang muster up the courage to walk upstairs to his room but hesitate knocking on his door. Tan refuses to talk to her unless she goes into his room and this urges Eun Sang to take another step and she enters his room. Eun Sang starts telling him the reasons he needs to go to the camp but Tan changes the subject to Eun Sang and Young Do. He explains that he is shirtless as he is getting ready for shower. Madame Han asks Tan what Papa Kim told him and Tan replies that he has to marry Rachel as an insurance since he is an illegitimate son.

Madame Han finally leaves and Tan and Eun Sang is relieved. Eun Sang tells Tan to reconsider going to the camp but Tan says that if he goes, between Young Do and him, only one will come back. Eun Sang wants to leave but Tan warns her that she might bump into Madame Han. Eun Sang still wants to go, saying that she is good at avoiding people so Tan has to back-hug her to stop her from going.

Eun Sang tries to resist but Tan pleads her to stay still for a moment. Bo Na is texting Chan Young and preparing for the camp. Ye Sol is sick of their sweetness and Myung Soo sees that the matching camping shoes with Bo Na fits him.

Bo Na sarcastically says that it fits perfectly for smacking him. Ye Sol and Bo na both do their own things while Myung Soo compliments himself for growing up well and not being scared.

Bo Na suggests wearing couple shoes for the camp and Chan Young offers to get it for her tomorrow but since Bo Na has it already, she wants skinship instead. Going to the camp, everyone seems to be with someone except Rachel and Eun Sang. Myung Soo is going around taking photos when he comes to the Rachel and Bo Na pairing who both refuses to set up the tent. Chan Young offers to do it and Myung Soo decides to leave the sticky situation.

Eun Sang is putting up the tent alone because Ye Sol refuses to help. Tan is talking with Hyo Shin and reveals the real reason for not going to the camp-so that Eun Sang can miss him. Tan then notice that Hyo Shin is calling Eun Sang by her first name and is jealous.

We then learn that Hyo Shin actually attempted suicide one year ago in America. Tan is genuinely worried about Hyo Shin and asks him of his well-being. He is also planning a big event because nothing is changed in his house. The campers are split into two teams and they are playing paint-ball. From the very start, Bo Na shoots at Rachel and everyone on her team claps.

Myung Soo counter-attacked a guy but as he turns away to walk, he slips and shoots himself. I swear I nearly died laughing in this scene especially with the dramatic Cantonese music. Then we have Bo Na and Chan Young who are going against each other, both screaming at each other to shoot.

Seriously, the whole slow-mo camera thing is cracking me up! But then in the end, Bo Na is still shot. Eun Sang is just sitting on the forest floor when Young Do, who is in another team finds her. He wonders if he should shoot her or not and decides to ask her questions first.