Chile dating and marriage customs

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chile dating and marriage customs

The family plays a prominent role in Chilean society as well as in the day-to-day life of most Chileans. Chileans will typically begin dating by the age of Although a civil ceremony is sufficient for a marriage to be officially recognised. We married in Chillan and moved to the United States a few years ago. What were some of Chile's dating traditions that surprised you?. Amish dating customs and men can cause a little different. Sweet latin girls are friendly and simply just not only on you familiar with forums, marriage agency.

chile dating and marriage customs

Chileans find our rehearsal dinners strange. The people stood for the whole procession, so we were already standing when the bride walked in. It was a full Catholic mass. There were many song breaks where we all stood there and listened to a live musician. They gave communion to the people at the end. My Chilean friend said that this is because they are so conservative here.

chile dating and marriage customs

Kissing your bride on the lips is not taken well here. So, when they announced it, the groom kissed her on the cheek.

chile dating and marriage customs

Best friends and immediate family attend this ceremony and they have a big dinner afterwards. This is when they get the rings.

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This ceremony is about a month and a half before the actual wedding. The bride and groom both have the usual bachelor and bachelorette parties, except sometimes they have more than one. If the bride has different groups of friends for example, she will have more than one. The engagement ring is always silver. The wedding band is always gold. This is a tradition of Chile.

I was concerned on what kind of dress I should wear. There were girls in fancy gowns, girls in short club dresses, Grandmas in cocktail dresses, there was even a lady with an extravagant hat like they had in the royal wedding.

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The guys wore suits. Since this was a very large wedding, it is common for not everyone to be invited to the dinner. According to my co-workers, this wedding was very fancy. Javi the bride told me she knew about of the people invited.

Her stepmother invited the majority of the people. It is normal to not know everyone at your wedding.

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It definitely felt like a big show at times. It must really suck to light those The reception was in the same location as the ceremony and dinner. It was at an old university -it felt like we were in a castle or at Hogwarts!

South america for dating traditions and customs.

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chile dating and marriage customs

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chile dating and marriage customs

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