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Sure, you can wander the fields and forests at the next music festival, but why wait when you can download the fastest-growing music dating app Live – Instrumental · Melbourne Bounce · Remix · Techno · Trance · Trap growth, exposing the service to new audiences — always difficult for a dating site. The automagic dubstep remixer. Turn your favourite songs into dubstep remixes, then download and share!. Techno and Dubstep were in the one on one room with the cameras. Dubstep kept looking down at Techno. "We're still getting questions if Dubstep and I are dating," Techno I'm trying to connect all of the company computers with just my "Actually, can you just write down your favorite song, goals in life.

He adjusted his glasses and fixed his scarf. Techno walked into the office, "Hey, Indie. I got a call from my parents saying that my sister is getting married. I have to go. I mean, its family. The weddings on Wednesday and I'm leaving Japan on Friday. Can I please take the week off? Why would he go with me?

He'll keep to himself. Can I take the week off? Scene jumped out onto Indie once the door had closed. She giggled and played with his scarf, kissing him as she sat on his lap. Dubstep was waiting outside Indies' office for Techno. He looked down at her confused. I had to talk to Indie about the wedding. I told you last night I was. You'll be fine without me," she said putting a hand on his chest, "Let's dance. Alternative was working on her laptop, sitting on the floor with her back against the couch.

She looked up as the two walked in. She stood with her laptop, "I have a lot of work to do.

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I'm trying to connect all of the company computers with just my laptop. It's not fun and it's kinda time consuming. Alternative walked out of the office. She walked up to Metal who was working on his computer. She smiled to him. Indie wants all of the computers connected to each other.

You can close'em up. She plugged in a cable to her laptop to his computer. She was doing her thing and Metal took it upon himself to talk to her for once. It seems as if it's all party and no work with Techno and Dubstep, but we get things done. Everyone here's really nice and I'm happy to be part of a company of this stature. I can tell you and Intern 2 are getting pretty buddy-buddy," He smiled.

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You're in dark waters there, Alt. Intern 2 told me already. I'm not too worried about them. He even told me that he doesn't like them like that. They will claw your eyes out. My daughter is set on destroying you the next time she sees you with him. Everything will be fine. Actually, Intern 2 asked me to dinner tomorrow night. I'm just looking out for you, that's all.

We just hired you and we don't want to loose you as fast as we hired you.

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That means a lot. I kinda wish we could talk more. Techno and Dubstep always have me cooped up with them in their office. I gotta do Idol's before she gets back from lunch. She'd kill me if she found me on her computer. Best not distract you then. I'm not forcing you too. Always had a thing for technology. Once I short circuited my whole neighborhood. Whole street went black for a minute. Good thing no one knew it was me. She unhooked the cable from Idol's computer and went down the line to Hip-Hop's laptop.

Production[ edit ] Origin and Funding[ edit ] In an interview with New Media Rockstars, Benny Fine stated that MyMusic "was developed first as a television property" and then adapted for the internet. The episode documented the auditions of the cast. Hundreds of people came in to read for various roles. However, for unknown reasons the original actor was unable to play the role of Hip Hop. The sitcom is showcasing what the future of web entertainment may be, blurring the lines of fiction and reality, giving viewers the opportunity to interact with the series and its characters in real time.

Social media accounts have been created for all the characters, including non-main characters. Satirical music news blogs written by the characters the series are found on the website, [24] which Benny Fine states is "one part BuzzFeedone part The Onion ". Additional shows are uploaded onto the MyMusicShow YouTube channel, which develop continuity and create references with the main series. Essentially the additional shows are the finished product of what the characters in the main series are creating, within that main series.

The Mosh, one of the aforementioned weekly shows, features the characters of the main series answering questions they receive on their social media accounts. Sitcommentary is a show in which Benny Fine, co-creator of the show, and cast members watch and comment on the sitcom version of the show, containing six normal episodes. It is released on Sundays. The Mosh is a show where main characters of MyMusic respond to comments and questions from various social media websites, ask polls, and take suggestions from the audience to create a custom Spotify playlist.

Gaming with Metal was a show introduced near the launch of the main show's second season, as the first of a new slate of weekly channel shows on MyMusicShow.