Are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

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are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

The fun British pop duo The Ting Tings are probably best their names might be (which are Katie White and Jules De Martino, for the record). U.K. alt-pop duo THE TING TINGS--Katie White & Jules De U.S. tour," say THE TING TINGS, who also did a select run of dates earlier. But behind The Ting Tings' success is a story of a multi-million pound The duo, singer Katie White and drummer Jules de Martino, have been.

However, due to a change of directors and managers, the management style of the record label caused them to split. White was a bartender at the Mill while De Martino produced tracks for various artists therein. The pair developed their sound from influences of performers at the Mill, and were inspired to form their own group, "The Ting Tings".

Having created three songs, the band's first gig was a free-beer invite all at the Mill in their rented dwelling called "the Engine House". Subsequent gigs were funded on donations, and after their third gig they were name-checked on XFM.

are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

DJ Marc Riley was the first to have them in session on 6 Music and the first to play their record on the station. In Maythe band credited BBC Introducing for giving them their 'life changing' break after the show spotted the band and put them forward for inclusion in the Glastonbury running order.

In Januarythey were voted third in the annual BBC 6 Music poll of industry experts Sound offor acts to emerge in the coming year.

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They also toured in Singapore as part of that festival's night counterpart, Big Night Out. Columbia Records announced the U.

David, furious with his youngest brother for ignoring all his warnings about his hedonistic ways and new friends, put up the money but resented it.

With the family at its most vulnerable, Sheila was then rushed into hospital with a blood clot.

are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

She died in Octoberaged 64, and wouldn't live to see her youngest son cleared of all charges. Richard's arrest meant the White family had suddenly become notorious. Customers began to desert David's cooker shop, which he was eventually forced to close. And the drugs charges weren't the only brush with the law for the family.

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When a young mum was raped and murdered in her own home, two miles from where David lived, police called to quiz him about the case after claiming a car had been seen outside his and the victim's house. Days later, police contacted him again to confirm his movements on the night of the murder. Alone in a caravan beside the farm site where he was building his dream home, David had no alibi. Officers took DNA and blood samples which were returned negative two weeks later. But David was angered that his brothers were also asked to provide samples, believing a jealous officer had put their names in the frame.

Each of the sons were cleared and the murderer was found, but it had caused the family yet more distress. Stephen emigrated to Australia to get away from all the bitterness at home and vowed not to tell anyone he was the son of a Lottery winner.

Ting Tings are looking up for Katie White and Jules De Martino | The Times

The cash also caused problems between Katie's parents. A woman made an anonymous call to Lynne, claiming David was sleeping around - an untrue allegation he denied. Today, David insists the family feud is over and says: None of us get on, none of us talk to each other. We never have done. We didn't fall out over money. I call him boomerang.

are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

He went to Australia, came back, went back again and then came back again. We don't see each other.

The Ting Tings

But this is only the start. When The Ting Tings got to the top of the charts on Sunday she called us right away and was so excited she dropped the phone.

are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

We are very proud of her and cracked open the champagne.