Anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

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anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

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Absolutely and Hoven, Owen has put on his heat belts and keeps it cool. The story revolves around a group of students at Warrior High, a boarding school in DehradunIndia.

The story is about the relationships and the friends that they make at Warrior High together with the social tension within the rich students and the orphanage students.

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Maa is a frog whom Utkarsh believes to be his mother's reincarnation. Just then, their friend Siyali Rajput Sanaya Pithawalla shows them that Maa is with her safe and sound only to be caught by the teacher.

anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

Then the story moves onto a school where there is fight happening between 2 people and the rest of them are cheering for Parth. Then both of them are in the office and Parth Samthaan's Laksh Lalwani parents are present.

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The school decides to rusticate him. Then the story continues to taking a scholarship exam of Warrior High. She tries to leave the school secretly but she fails everytime. On the freshers day party it is revealed that she is Siyali not Angela and later all 3 of them are accepted back into the school. Where Parth starts to develop feelings for Vibha Anand Anupriya Kapoor his teacher who is the ex-student of warrior High, batch who is now present as an assistant teacher.

anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

Vibha also has feelings for Parth. The Voting of school head boy and head girl takes place where Siddharth, Utkarsh, Siyali and Krissane are competing against each other where Sid and Siyali are selected as the head boy and head girl respectively, by the students. Later, Krissane reads the diary somehow and is shocked to see something unexpected. Turns out Utkarsh has feelings for Angela.

anshuman malhotra and sanaya dating simulator

But a love triangle awaits here. Krissane loves Utkarsh, who loves Angela. But Utkarsh says he'll support her, and he does.