Amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

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amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

Amanda MacKinnon Gaiman Palmer sometimes known as Amanda Fucking Palmer (AFP), . Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman (Vienna ) In the same blog post, she stated that she was date raped when she was 20 years old. Neil. Amanda Palmer chats to us about her music, fame, family, controversy and Shaun Amanda Palmer interview: music, marriage, Taylor Swift, Neil Gaiman .. and been educated here instead of there, and had dated this person instead of that. Last night Housing Works and Spin Magazine joined hands to welcome former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer and best-selling fantasy author.

I got together a burlesque troupe in Seattle and they came up with a whole dance and a striptease, and it was really beautiful.

I loved when we were in Vancouver. And before we went to the gig, we went and visited Occupy Vancouver.

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And everybody there was in a state of shock because a year-old girl had died the night before. A bright, nice kid had died of a heroin overdose in the Occupy camp the night before.

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And Amanda dedicated a song to her. And there were friends of hers in the audience. And that was just one of those moments where it felt like the entire hall was swept up in this thing. Did you find it difficult to encourage Neil to sing, Amanda? No, he wanted to! I often say that Neil has a passionate love affair with his own awkwardness. Like many British people. He genuinely loves performing, he loves to sing songs.

He used to be in a punk band when he was in a teenager, and then he abandoned that to become the Neil Gaiman that we know.

But he's a real natural entertainer. He's a much more subtle entertainer than I am. He's really good at it. He has a very unique stage style where he relies heavily on his own Britishness and awkwardness and sense of embarrassment to endear people to him and it works beautifully.

It makes you quite a good double-act in that way. A comic foil to each other. Yeah, I'm the brassy, obnoxious, unembarrassable American and he sort of gets to play the straight man.

amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

But occasionally we'll turn the tables on each other and those are always very magic stage moments, where Neil actually manages to embarrass me. He does it occasionally. It must be quite a strange experience, working together as a couple.

Yeah, we definitely were putting ourselves in a petri dish to see what would happen and the two of us are both very accustomed to being in total control of a stage when we're on it.

Neil does a lot of readings and Neil Gaiman shows and he's a master at controlling the stage. And I've been a solo performer for years and I'm a master of controlling the stage in my own way. And we definitely butted heads when it came to little decisions about how things were gonna run or what order we were gonna do things in But like any experience like this in a marriage, it was a learning and growing experience.

Richard Marcus There have been many great artistic couples down through the ages. Now a days there seems to be more celebrity couplings than any real co-joining of artistic talents. After the tour the couple decided to crowd-fund a three-CD set of the tour culled from the shows. Initially only available to those who participated in the crowd funding venture, An Evening With Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman is now available to the general public.

For those somehow unfamiliar with the two principles perhaps a little background is in order.

How Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman split emotional labor and "the diva card"

Gaiman is the creator of some of the most inventive fiction written in the past two decades. Not only is her music a unique blend of styles, she brings a theatricality to her performances as original as her material. However, what has distinguished her from her contemporaries is her commitment to making and maintaining a connection with the people she creates her music for.

amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

It actually means you need to maintain a stronger relationship, a more communicative relationship. It needs to be so grounded, to weather the energy of other sexual partners, that if you're not really ready to do that work, I wouldn't recommend it.

amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

And do you talk about it? Like "Hey darling, what did you do last night? Yeah, except that doesn't happen very often.

amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

Especially as we've gotten older and we've experimented with what works and doesn't work and what drives the other one into a jealous rage, we've had to impose sort of more boundaries and rules and understandings, because, fundamentally, we love each other and we are a primary relationship. And so anything that is going to threaten our marriage has to go. And, plenty of those things have happened. And any time something comes in to threaten our marriage, whether it's a breaking of trust, or a person who's slightly too crazy, or this that or the other thing.

It's difficult but we have to sit there and talk about it, sort it and deal with it. And we deal with that — the same way people in "more normal" monogamous marriages, deal with all the shit they have to deal with. So a lot of it is the same set of issues, you just stick a different frame around it. A lot of it now is now like, Neil's in his fifties, I'm in my forties, neither of us are all that into super-casual sex.

amanda palmer and neil gaiman dating

And neither of us are into sleeping with random crazy people. So, a lot of this happens in a more boring adult way Things like that do come up in conversation, and since it's been a number of years now since I've slept with anyone but Neil, I can't even remember.

I'm so focused on my child right now instead Update December 20,