Aang and katara age difference in dating

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aang and katara age difference in dating

If there was one difference between the old Air Nomads and the new Air a week of the previous Avatar's death and he knew the date of Avatar Roku's death, Before Aang had married Katara, he had to endure hundreds of. which again seems to add the problem of the "big age difference", knowing Katara is 15 and Aang is 12, while Toph is 12, and Sokka is Katara is a fourteen-year-old waterbender (i.e., she has the ability to telekinetically She and her older brother, Sokka, discover an Airbender named Aang, the.

aang and katara age difference in dating

There is nothing softer and weaker than water, and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things. The Last Airbender Katara has demonstrated to be a formidable opponent to her enemies, able to fight on equal terms with Azula and Long Feng; she eventually outmatched the fire nation princess to demonstrate the extent of her skill.

aang and katara age difference in dating

Without the aid of a full moon, Katara can use water to cut through objects; summon lashing waves and whips of varying sizes; cover herself with a sheath of water; surf on a length of ice; run and stand on the surface of water; melt and control existing ice; form ice into various shapes; freeze water and objects surrounded by water with little effort; create walls of mist and steam; transform steam into ice; evaporate large amounts of water; or derive a weapon from any moisture including her own perspiration.

On one instance, Katara knocked down the entire Dai Li, Zuko, and Azula while riding atop a giant wave. As with all Waterbenders, Katara's powers max under the influence of a full moon.

Katara demonstrates the ability to levitate and control water-based liquids, as well as pure water, in episode "The Southern Raiders", wherein Katara bends ink onto a map. She is also seen bending soup which allows her to cook mealsand bends perfume while battling a smell-dependent monster. In the episode "The Painted Lady," she uses her bending to create a thick fog.

Katara also demonstrates the ability to bend sweat and the ability to manipulate mud with Toph, who manipulates the dirt while Katara controls the water. Healing abilities[ edit ] Katara is one of the few waterbenders born with the sub-ability of healing injuries or wounds, first demonstrated after she is burned by Aang's first attempt at firebending; [30] She strengthens this ability under the tutelage of the Northern Water Tribe's healer Yagoda.

She uses it thereafter to relieve sickness; [18] overcome brainwashing; [31] and heal seemingly mortal wounds such as burns and bleeding injuries. She speculated that she would be able to use that same water from the Spirit Shrine to heal the scar on Zuko's face when they were imprisoned underground together in Old Ba Sing Se.

However, they were interrupted before she could attempt it. By the time of The Legend of Korra, Lin Beifong Toph's metalbender daughter claims that she is the strongest healer in the world. She is able to manipulate the fluids inside a human body and presumably any other living creatureleaving the target unable to move or resist in any way. Once she has taken control, she can make it move in any manner she desires.

She is only able to bloodbend during a full moon, when her waterbending power is at its peak. In a courageous act to save her daughter who happened to be the said target, Kya lied to the leader of the raid, saying she was the last waterbender.

Katara tried to avenge her mother's death by killing the soldier who murdered her, but ultimately spared him due to an ethical conflict. She prized the betrothal necklace given to her by Kya, it being the only material object she had left to remember her. Katara later named her only daughter after Kya, in memory of her mother. Pakku "It is respectful to bow to an old master, but how about a hug for your new grandfather?

Aang and katara age difference dating

You and Gran-Gran must be so happy to have found each other again! Pakku and Katara did not get off to such a great start when they first met. Due to the Northern Water Tribe patriarchal structure, he refused to teach Katara fighting techniques used in waterbending.

After defeating her in a fight, he recognized her necklace as the betrothal necklace he made for Kanna sixty years earlier. Apart from their strong personal relationship, their professional one remained one of mutual respect, with Pakku asking for Katara's assistance with his new waterbending school at the South Pole. Again, normal and something you learn as you grow up. Trying to keep everyone together.

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This difference in behavior is something that would be really fitting for a year-old boy to learn and come to understand. But… Again, we all know the ending. Katara comes out, blushes prettily at him, says no words, and they make out. How is this good for him?

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How is this good for anyone? God, at least show his growth. Instead, what we get is this: What even IS character development? He got what he wanted!

aang and katara age difference in dating

Because when they sat down to hammer out the Kataang offspring, boy did they do a number. You see, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin each have their fair share of inadequacy issues, courtesy of their respective relationships to their father. When he served most of his life as a commander for the United Forces. She even moved herself to the South Pole to keep her mom company once Aang had passed away. You must remember, before the fog infects you. I have no family. And Tenzin, oh gods, poor Tenzin.

He has the entire burden of the Air Nation on him as the only airbender of the family, and takes his duty so seriously that he stresses himself to the point where he is unable to form a true spiritual connection, clearly a result of his crippling anxiety over the fear of not measuring up.

aang and katara age difference in dating

Remember who you are Tenzin. You are the son of Avatar Aang. You are the hope for future generations of airbenders. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. But what if I fail? I am the son of Avatar Aang.

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